Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Greatest View...

Have you remembered to enter into the Greatest View's giveaway yet?  Today is the LAST day.  So if you haven't you really need to hurry!!!

For the last few days, Gail has been having a countdown to the first release of the shop's goodies!  Kim, Kerryn and Gail herself, have all shared their fantastic creations... And today I can share with you, my full layout...

products used: cs - bazzill, kaisercraft; pp - Pretty Little Studio, Bella!, Jillibean Soup; Alpha - sassafras;  Greatest View - badges, yoyo flowers, mini doilies, string; other - kaisercraft: rhinestones, hot pink paint; machine stitching; bo bunny brads; Martha Stewart butterfly punch; sharpie pen (black).

Head on over to the Greatest View blog for a little "how-to" that I've put together.  Thanks for visiting...x

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photo Journeylism...

That's right.  That's the title of the latest Miss Art's Papercrafting School lesson.  Starting in February, I am going to encourage you all to try your hand at "downsizing"!!  And maintaining the ability to share your photo journey at the same time.  It's really easy!  Get your 8.5in x 11in papers ready... because I hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

52 photos...week 4

{A Good Year}

Well.... maybe...LOL!  What this photo shares is... three kids, up bright and early, dressed and ready for school.  What it shares is the amazing amount of growing Tahlia and Liam did over the Summer holidays!  What it shares is the excitement of going back to school... for at  least one of them! LOL!

But what it doesn't tell is the story of being prepared to prevent the major getting-ready-for-school rush and flurry.  Or the anxiety and nervousness of entering a higher grade.  What this photo doesn't reflect on is the skip in my heart when I walked them into school and left them in the care of their teachers for the day.  My immediate sense of needing to use a deep breathing technique, as another year passes and they grow more independent.  :)

And of course, it doesn't share the nightmare of school parking on the first day.  Or the drenching rain, as we tried to get into the classrooms without needing a dry set of clothes...  Welcome back to school guys.  Have a great year..x


 ps - Thanks everyone who left a comment about me leaving little snippets of family life on my blog.  It has helped me decide to keep blogging as per normal.  I appreciate it...x

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Just a little something I've been playing with...

Coming soon....to Greatest View..x

Friday, January 20, 2012

Create + Get Picky...

Hello Friends.  TGIF right!  LOL!!  I'm still playing catch up here and trying to get ahead at the same time... if that makes any sense at all!!  hee hee..

Today I want to share my layout created for the Get Picky inspiration sketch.  This one was heaps of fun and I found myself having completed it before I knew I had.  Again... does that make sense either?!  hahaha.. (It must be all the brown paper covering of school exercise books that is sending me slightly batty at the moment! Grrrr!!  Not a task I enjoy. hee hee..)

So here is sketch #16...

And my interpretation.


 products used: cs - American Crafts; pp - Bella! alpha - American Crafts; other - machine stitching, Jenni Bowlin journal card, kaisercraft rhinestone and ink (black), Tim Holtz distress ink, ric rac ribbon, string, apple embellishment (unknown), black pen (sharpie).

Yes.  That black blob on the first photo is the satin flower in the second! Ethan had a fabulous day at school for Under 8's last year.  He soooo loves being creative.  I loved using the primary colours and going back to basic for this one.  Simple colours, simple layers, simple concepts.  Love it when it all comes together easily.

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to check out the amazing DT creations over at Get Picky.  This month's sponsor is Scrapbookit who are offering a voucher for our sketch challenge winner. 

To be in the running to win all you need to do is upload and link your multi-photo layouts by midnight (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on January 28th. Our lucky winner will be announced on January 29th. Good luck!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

As Promised...

*ahem - photo heavy post*... :D 

Those in the Scrapping Community, who visit to see my creations, may not be terribly interested in my family exploits! LOL!!  But I share these stories here on my blog for friends and family.  And for me.  So I can remember the details of what, where, when, how and sometimes why.  I guess it is my time capsule of sorts.  Just like scrapbooking.  Minus the pretty paper and gorgeous embellishments! But I'm cool with that.  Because when I go to use the paper and scissors, I have the documentation already completed.  And those of you who visit my blog on a regular basis, know how important the story is to me.

I have considered starting another blog, just for family and friends who are interested.  But as of yet I haven't decided. It may be a new venture in 2012.  I'll mull over it for a while. :)

So.... Here goes.  As promised (Mum...) :D

Camping at Wivenhoe.

The Captain Logan campsite at Wivenhoe Dam, is fast becoming a favourite place for us to camp at.  Not only does it have HOT showers, flushing toilets and allocated sites... but there is the ultimate attraction of the water.  hee hee.. oh!  and throw in the added bonus of a taipan slithering about and the rest is all gravy.

Bushland on one side..

Water on the other...

Okay... So I wasn't thrilled when I learnt about the snake.  The on-site Ranger called in to see how we were getting along with setting up and warned us about the potentially deadly neighbour...  Not fun.

But back to the water.  We love it here because the kids can swim and kayak to their hearts content without the fear of being run over by a motorboat.  Here they can jump, emerge and float happily...

...water guns in hand, of course! LOL!

We set up camp on the hottest day of the Summer.  Typical.  The heatwave hit us at just the wrong time! LOL!  I think the temperature got  up to 42 degrees... in. the. shade!!!!  OMGosh!  It was a stinker.  So hot that we all just walked into the water with out getting changed into our swimming gear first.

The rest of the week wasn't as bad.  We still had some hot days but later in the week it got quite cool! How are we suppose to plan for a camping trip if the weather isn't going to behave for us! LOL! 

We took a day trip to the Queensland Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich while we were so close.  The kids loved it.  

Cam especially with his total adoration of all things train.

And Liam because of the scientific displays and interactive experiments he could get involved with!!

So, back at camp.. besides having dirty faced kids..

or wet kids..

 or cheeky sunglass stealing kids...

or zinc covered kids...

...we all had a rather relaxing week away from the normal routine of work and home duties.  Even Mark, with his arm in plaster for the first little bit.  I'm glad we managed to get away, in spite of it being incredibly hectic during the school holidays.  Now it is a matter of trying to get some washing dry (2 days of rain doesn't help) and to sort out the school books for the coming year.  Back to school on Monday.

Thanks for visiting..x

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Here is a little share from Pretty Little Studio and one of the sneaks I released before I went away camping. :D

It comes with a step by step tutorial on how I created this zesty orange and lime layout!! hee hee..

[Just Come a little bit Closer]

products used: cs - kaisercraft; pp - PLS; alphas - AC fabric thickers, kaisercraft mini alphas; other - PLS: train ticket, clown tag, large boy word flashcard, funny talk journaling cards; maya road vintage stick pin; kaisercraft organza ribbon, rhinestones; jillibean soup label sticker; glimmermist (sunflower); tim holtz distress stain;  office date stamp; sharpie pen.

As you can see, I ran out of the letter "s" and substituted with an up-side down question mark!  Whatever works huh!?

Thanks for visiting..x

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

52 photos ... week 3

{The line in the sand}

We've been camping.  But it was camping in the hottest week of Summer so far!  Thank goodness we went to a large body of water... Wivenhoe Dam.  And the kids were incredibly eager to get in the water.  Most of them would have stayed in there all day long.  If allowed.  But like I mentioned... It was the hottest week of our Summer so far and that meant sun safety.

Swimming was encouraged.  Oh!  It was definitely encouraged.  On the first day of setting up in 40+ degree heat, I think we all got into the water with the clothes we were wearing!  We went through litres of sunscreen.  And the hats had a massive workout.  But... during the hours of 10.30am til 3pm, there was strictly no swimming allowed.  The sunlight reflecting and bouncing off the water would have had us severely sun burnt within the first five minutes.

So we drew a line in the sand... sort of!  LOL!  We set up a large shade area down by the waterline and used the shadow it cast, as the barrier to which the kids could sit along and wait, not so patiently, until 3 o'clock.

On this day, it was sweltering.  They were all lathered up with sunscreen ready to go and watching the water and the time closely.  In fact, I got so tired of somebody asking me what time it was (and they started at approximately 11.30am) I made a new rule.  Each time the question was asked, I add an extra five minutes of waiting time before they could enter the water.  The twist was, it was added to the group collectively.  Not individually!  LOL!! I think they made the wait time last an extra 40 minutes!! (But we didn't hold them to it!)...x

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy news and a giveaway!..

Helloo Friends!!  Sorry about my absence in blogging land, but I had some family time off the grid! :D  Actually we really were off the grid.  No electricity, limited internet access and lots of family fun time.  We were camping again.  The last little holiday before the kids return to school.  So today I am catching up on things, sharing some exciting news and doing a. lot. of. clothes. washing.  LOL!  One thing I realise though after returning home after a week's camping trip is... I love two things.  A solid roof over my head (especially when it rains!) and stain remover!  Oh. My. Word.  Do my children have fun getting dirty or what!!!  LOL!
But more about our camping trip later in the week.  Today is announcement day! Woo Hoo!  I am excited and honored to share with you, that my lovely friend Gail has asked me to join her DT for her simply fabulous etsy shop - Greatest View!  

And in celebration of her new blog she is having a little giveaway!

Above is a sneak peek at some of the goodies Gail has been working on for the first bi-monthly product release

Would you like to win a $25 voucher to spend at the release? She is going to give three away and to be in the running, we need your help to spread the word!

Become a follower of the Greatest View blog and post the details of the giveaway on your blog or facebook. Or both for two entries :) Be sure to include the picture above and link back to the brand new Greatest View blog. Leave a comment on this post to let Gail know!

Entries close 9pm January 31st and I'll announce the winners shortly after.

Over the coming couple of weeks until the next release, she will be introducing you to us, the design team, providing you with a little more information about Greatest View and starting from the 28th January we will countdown each day untill the first release for 2012 on February 1st.

Are you excited?  hee hee.. If you have never seen Gail's products before, you are in for a treat!  Her items are spectacular and so beautifully made I can't wait to be creating with them on a regular basis!

Good luck everyone with the giveaway.  Thanks for visiting...x

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

52 photos...week 2

This week I am sharing two photos.  Mostly because they are of the same tragic story, just different angles! LOL! (and they are from my i-phone).


This is the third time.  Same arm, same elbow.  Broken, dislocated and completely tragic.  LOL!  The story is still on going, but this particular chapter started on the 29th of December, last year. The full story starts with the first accident way back in 2009, Boxing Day.   

The Quad Bike Accident - broken, requires sling and rest.  Scared the life out of me.  Mark and Liam rolled the huge quad bike and luckily survived with only Mark's injury to talk about.

Then last year, it was followed up with another chapter.  While at the snow on "Our Big Trip" in June/July, he thought he was younger than he is (sorry honey!!) and had The Snowboarding Accident- broken, almost needs surgery, physiotherapy required, sling and rest.

This time we were at Wet n Wild.  And I'd really love to say that he was doing something completely daring.  Trying out one of the new crazy-out-of-your-mind rides (can you tell I don't like torturing myself by performing feats of madness!!) and he smacked his arm really hard against the side of a water slide tube..etc..  But he didn't.  He didn't even trip over uneven ground and fall hard onto concrete.  But he did save Cameron from drowning.

We were entering the nice sedate cruisey ride at Calypso Beach.  It's one of those ride where you sit on a rubber tube and just float.  Just float.  Mark got in the tube first and reached for Cam.  I passed him over and placed him on top of his chest.  The line up behind us was a bit pushy and impatient.  They kept surging forward to grab the tubes as they floated past.  Liam was in his tube and had just started to enter the current that takes you around in a large moat.  

Cam got a bit scared with the crowd of people moving in and moved unexpectedly.  This movement overbalanced both Mark and Cam in the tube.  They both went under the water.  It all happened so very quickly.  And the lifeguard was standing right next to me.  Literally.

Cam was wearing a toddler life vest.  Thank-goodness for that.  And he cam bobbing straight up from under the surface of the water.  He's a little fish and it didn't phase him one bit.  It was the current of water that worried me.  Immediately as they both went into the water, Mark went to grab Cam.  Instinct kicked in.  That strong parental instinct where you'd do anything for your child.  He twisted his already damaged arm, in among a sea of eager swimmers and their arms and legs surging forward to grab the passing rubber tubes.  They didn't stop to help Mark who was clearly in pain.  Nor did they stop to pass a small boy back to me who could have easily been swept away.  What the people behind me did was grab the tube I was holding out of my hand and use it for themselves...

By this stage I didn't care who had the tube.  Liam was already moving along in the current and I yelled at him to go around once and then quickly return to me.  I couldn't stop him.  He was already a good five meters away from me.  I grabbed at Cam next and pulled him out of the water, alerted the lifeguard, who even though he was standing next to me was still watching the wannabe riders push past.

Mark had gone white.  Really pale.  He had seriously lost all colour in his face and was ready to pass out in the water.  I tried to help him up but I could see his elbow was clearly dislocated.  There was a golf ball size protrusion coming from his elbow socket that was definitely in the wrong area.  I now had Cam in one arm, clinging to me, and grabbing Mark by his rashy (sun safe swim shirt) to help him to the edge of the pool.  He was nursing his arm and trying desperately not to throw up and pass out at the same time.

The lifeguard stated to yell at the line behind us telling them to "back off!".  One lovely lady in her 60s came to my aid.  The only person who offered to help.  She helped me sit Mark up against the edge of the pool and tried to make him comfortable.  The lifeguard by this stage was trying to get medical help over the radio.

Liam still wasn't with us. 

This all happened in seconds.  But it felt like forever.  We were waiting for the nurse to arrive with a wheelchair, who was trying to get through the crowd.  Thankfully, Liam suddenly appeared from behind me and I then had to run off and find everyone else who was in our group (including my Mum, Tahlia and Ethan).  Luckily, some of them were in the same area about 50 meters away in a picnic/relaxing area.  We had traveled to the theme park with two other families.

After informing our friends what had happened, I found Mark in the first aid complex.  One long discussion with the emergency nurse, one torturous wait for an ambulance and one anxious drive on unfamiliar roads, found us at a hospital on the Gold Coast.

The staff at the hospital were amazing.  They were lovely, reassuring and very professional.  Mark had to have an x-ray to determine the damage and assess what needed to be done.  After the x-ray the doctor said he had two options.  1: Mark goes under anesthetic and the elbow goes back into place gently.  It gets put into plaster and there is a follow up with his own GP at home.  2:  Mark goes under anesthetic and the elbow goes back into place with difficulty.  It requires surgery and night in hospital and then we'll see what happens!

I want option one.  And thankfully that is the option that pulled through for us.  I think I had everything crossed that night - fingers and toes - for that outcome. phew...

Fortunately for us, Wet n Wild was open til late (9pm).  Our friends kept our older two kids with them to prevent having to sit them in a waiting room for a few hours while this drama unfolded.  It was also fortunate that despite everything, we managed to get into a hospital that was quiet.  There were hardly any inpatients.  The holiday rush of injuries had lessened. So timing wise, it was perfect.  Our friends left the theme park just as we were discharging Mark and they drove the extra fifteen minutes south so we could all travel home together.  Two hours north.  I am thankful to Calvin and Cindy too, who pushed me out of the driver's seat and took over the driving, so I didn't have to stress about getting us home.  I hate driving.  At the best of times.

So this is the photo story for week two.  Sadly, I have NO photos from Wet n Wild!  LOL!  But by the time we were at the hospital, I had enough humour to take some there.

Thanks for visiting..x

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ethan's family party photos...

Cake, presents, family and playtime.  What more could a boy ask for....x

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hello Friends.  Today I wanted to share with you a little more Christmas spirit!  LOL!  That's right.  I'm sure you still won't mind another small dose!! Pretty Little Studio has the most delightful range of Christmas paper goodies on offer and I couldn't wait to create some fun layouts with this collection and these photos!

{Santa Elves}
products used: cs - bazzill, stampin' up; pp - PLS Jingle Bells Collection; alpha - AC; other - PLS shipping tags, semi-circle banners, paper ribbons, journaling bracket notebook; ink; embroidery floss; glitter nail polish; ScrapFX chipboard; twine; black pen; white pen; machine stitching.

Cam is so cheeky!  These photos are the ones that didn't make it into my December Daily... something else I need to share with you all soon.  :)

Thanks for visiting..x

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Ethan!!!

Today, my second youngest/third in line/middle son, (LOL!!!) turns 6! Happy birthday little man!  Oh I so wish you would just stay little!! For just a bit longer at least.  I am having heart palpitations at the thought and realization that birthdays come around so quickly.  sigh... But I can't stop them or him from growing. 

So this is what I can do... Let you go and discover who you are becoming, especially now that you are a school boy.  Continue to support and encourage you in the things you want to explore.  And snatch you up sometimes in a big bear hug...  Just so I can delight on you and you can whisper in my ear that you are still my boy.  :)  We love you so much buddy.  Happy Birthday....x

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

52 photos...week 1

Okay.  So I am going to try this.  Post one photo for the week and then tell the story behind it! Every Tuesday...hopefully!  LOL!  I don't know how successful I'll be. But I sure will try to complete this goal.  And it all falls under my wish to document the quirky stories that occur within my family dynamics.  Who knows what this will lead to.  And I have NO doubt at all that I will scrap some of these stories.  Well... That's bound to happen here.  Right?! hahaha..

I have to say though, to eliminate some of the pressure of posting only the best and most spectacular of photos, I will make a commitment to myself to only add photos that have a story to tell.  You know the ones.. they maybe grainy and have low light.  They maybe overexposed and have no composition.  But if there's a story to share behind the image, I want to document it.  All part of my 2012 plan to tell my story. ;D

I know this isn't a new idea.  Far from it.  LOL!  But by putting this out there, in blogging/cyber space... I might in some small way, encourage you to tell the story of a photo without the pressurized need to scrap it.  If you know what I mean.  After all, doesn't this idea make it easier to scrap at a later date?  Make your LOs become a little more focused?  Of course there is no right or wrong way to scrap.  My urge is plainly to tell the story.  Sometimes a paragraph, a series of note points or perhaps even an epic tale. Whatever is needed.  :D

So here goes.. Week One:

{Firey Shapes}
Tahlia: 01 Jan - our side yard.

Today we experimented with light.  Sparkles and light! And what a better way to bring in the New Year.  Our first attempt wasn't too great.  It really wasn't dark enough to capture the trails of sparks to make our shapes.  But it was fun.  And after dinner we tried again.  This time we had more success.  All the kids wanted to make shapes appear, as if like magic, in the photos.  We got adventurous too.  Not only did we have complete circles but Liam created a letter "L" and Simone produced the number "2".  Hahaha!  Very adventurous.  Unfortunately with fire comes heat and fingers were burnt.  Several fingers.  Normally the kids are very good and in control of not touching the "hot" parts.  But I guess the excitement and their eagerness got the better of them.  Happy New Year..x

Monday, January 2, 2012


Hello Friends!  It's challenge time for the regular visitors of Get Picky.  And this inspiration challenge has you looking forward into 2012.  A New Year's resolution if you like.  Nikki and Tanya provided an extraordinarily, beautiful poem by Sandra Sturtz Hauss for you to glean some inspiration from and I've chosen one of the verses to help me create this layout...

journaling: May a kind word, a reassuring touch, a warm smile be yours
Every day of your life,
And may you give these gifts as well as receive them.

My happiest achievement last year was capturing a family-of-six photo every month.  And no, they are not all good shots.  In fact most of the ones of me are down-right horrible... But I am still thrilled that I forced encouraged my little family to stand still for one moment, for just once a month, to capture a family portrait.

This is something I really want to continue into 2012.

This idea was challenged every single month... mostly by my husband ( 'cause the kids are used to having a camera pointed at them! LOL!!) And I know that I will see opposition to it again in 2012.  But I'll persevere and see where it takes me.

So... What is you New Year's resolution?  If you dare to scrap it, don't forget to share a link to your creation over at Get Picky.  Thanks for visiting...x