Friday, April 29, 2011


Today I want to share with you my layouts and beyond the page projects that I have created for Kaisercraft this month.

The April releases are simply beautiful. Soft baby pinks and blues from Lullaby, and classic old world charm from Chanteuse.

{It's a Boy}

Cam was only a few days old here. I love this photo not only because it captures the essence of a new born, but because of the story behind it. I was just holding the camera in my hand and I went to stroke his beautiful, little face. As I was taking my hand away, I accidentally touched his and his reflex immediately kicked in to catch my finger. Thank goodness the camera was close by, as I now have this memory captured, documented and stored in my heart. :)


The Chanteuse collection has so many delicate details. I love the gold frames from the 6.5" paper pad, that have been used behind Tahlia's photos. The pink and brown tones, images of chandeliers and gorgeous blooms, will have me reaching for these papers over and over again! :D

I have also created a fun little treasure box to house all the bits and pieces my boys bring to me. You know, pieces of special string, different coloured rocks & bottle tops!! LOL!

{Treasure Box}

Now I just have to convince the boys to limit their finds to what will fit in this box! LOL! Wish me luck on that one..x

And finally, a card. One that my Mum has already claimed and passed onto a new mum!

{New Baby}

Thanks for visiting...x

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Camping - part3...

Smoky Easter Sunday. The weather had a slight chill in the air and the camp fires were blazing all throughout the site. Especially ours!

I love camp fires. There's something to be said about just standing near the heat of an open fire, toasting your numb fingers as your try to wipe the sleep from your eyes.... *sigh* Especially if you are up and about before the the sun has greeted you. Did you have an early morning wake up call on Sunday?

Thankfully the Easter Bunny found us and left tiny, little treats for the kids - big and small!

But my favourite moment of the day, had to be capturing the glorious Easter morning light, just as the sun was rising.

Light and Easter.... beautiful. I hope your Easter was as magical as ours. Once again, Happy Belated Easter friends. Thanks for visiting..x

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Camping - part2...

Have you ever wanted to visit an enchanted forest? Well.... This was our chance to do so.

Are you ready for Round 2? Hee hee! I promise I am not going to post all 400+ photos here..(as much as my Mum would love - Sorry Mum!).

But I will start off with some photos of the local area. Where we went camping (Main Range National Park), there were two beautifully situated look outs. Nice for a drive, but there is no way I would walk to the top of the mountain (like I we saw several - ahem - crazy people doing!) LOL! Especially with four kids in tow. So off we went. In the car!!

There were two different look outs. The first one we went to was called "Mount Castle" and was a Class 3 graded walk. Slightly difficult terrain, with uneven ground. AND maybe a slight incline. Well, they weren't kidding about that! LOL! I'm just glad I wasn't the one carrying Cam...

But it was worth it. Just to see the gorgeous track cut through the bush...

...and the view at the end of it...

The second look out was called "Sylvesters". It was a much easier walk but with equally gorgeous scenery.

The kids love this type of exploring. They just need to remember not to race off ahead of the adults (especially the ones taking photos!). Those enchanted woods are too tempting for children! LOL!! No wonder fairy tales are full of them. :)

Tomorrow I'll be back with the last lot of photos and how we spent Easter Sunday. Thanks for visiting...x

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Camping - part1...

Happy Belated Easter everyone! We have been away from it all - including the computer! I hope you have all had a lovely week-end because we certainly did! :)

We took the 5-day break and used it to connect with Mother Nature and us as a family. Also, we just love camping and couldn't let this fabulous opportunity get away on us! LOL!! And have a look at where we went....

I've taken over 400 photos this past Easter break and I will share a few with you today.

We went to Main Range National Park just off the Cunningham Highway in South East Queensland. We really love exploring our "back yard"! hee hee... And we are so very lucky to have these beautiful areas so close to us....even if there was an hour stationary delay in the Cunningham Highway Gap, due to road works and I guess, lots of other Easter campers!

This photo was taken from the car as we were waiting for the traffic to move. We passed the time listening to the bell birds chirping away and Ethan's inventive new song - "Twinkle, twinkle little baa!" Thank goodness we had the view to entertain us! LOL!

After we finally got to the campsite (4 hours after leaving our driveway) we set up and soaked in the atmosphere. And I was glad we did because the camp ground quickly filled with enthusiastic and eager campers - some probably getting a little too close to us for our own comfort! (Like setting their table up right next to ours!!!) LOL!

Do you notice the warm coats? Well, let's just say I am glad I threw them in the camper trailer before leaving home. It got a little bit chilly! LOL! It wasn't freezing, but it was enough to cause, what Ethan calls, "dragon breath"! And he had fun with it!!!

The next day, Good Friday, we went for a short walk near the camp grounds. Here we discovered beautiful vistas...
...amazing evidence of early last century logging...
...and leeches!!!! Sorry. No photos of those little/big (depending on the time you first notice them on yourself!) suckers! :P

And because the family will want to see more photos of the kids, here's some of what they did on days 1 and 2....

More photos to come.... Thanks for visiting..x