Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big Brothers...

...are meant for doing this! :)

Liam is so good with Cam. It really makes my heart happy to see them bonding so beautifully....x

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm getting ready...

...slowly, but I am working my way to documenting this December! That's right. Who isn't doing Ali Edward's December Daily??? LOL!! It is such a simple idea and look at how much it has grown in the short amount of time she has shared. Amazing....

So his week-end I have started to put my album together. Yes. It is traditionally late for the die-hard Ali fans!! LOL! But have you read my previous posts??? LOL!!

I am at least ready for the first week in December. Here are the first seven pages....

{Page 1}

As this is my first year doing this project (ummm, yes I tried 2 years ago but failed miserably!!) I want to outline the purpose of this album on the first page. Put in the important details and the tiny ones. My aim is to journal. Photos will be important too, but I really want to be able to look back in time, to the year 2010 and get a good feel for what it was really like.... so you will see a lot of open spaces for journalling in my December Daily.

{Page 2}

{Page 3}

{Page 4}

December 4 is going to be a big day (see previous post about dancing!) I already know I will have a huge number of photos for this day. So, I am planning on using a basketball/baseball collector's card pocket holder to house my photos and some journalling. It will slip between the two solid pages. I have also include an envelope on the first page to hold concert tickets and other little bits of ephemera. :)

{Page 5}

hee! Clearly this will be the first day I will have any opportunity to set up the Christmas Tree with the kids. Hopefully I'll be able to drag Mark into the chaos of things too!!

{Page 6}
I'm not entirely happy with this page yet, but I am thinking I will use a full 6x4" photo under the circle date on the left. Of course, I have no idea what we will be doing on this day either!!

{Page 7}

I've set my album up to be 5x7" in size. And my photos will mostly be 3x4" or smaller, with the occasional 4x6" photo.

So, that's it for now. Wonky photos and all! :D Thanks for visiting, and secretly I wouldn't mind if you left me a few words of encouragement. You know,.... just to keep me going! hee hee! Thanks again...x

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's Go Dancing...

Since I was at another full day of ballet and jazz rehearsals with Tahlia yesterday, I thought I might share a few photos detailing what she has been working towards...

This year, like last, she has become a "helper" to the little girls. But not only does she need to lead and direct the baby ballerinas on stage, she is performing both a ballet and jazz routine.

Can you guess what musical she is dancing to for Jazz?? hee... Doesn't she make a beautiful alley cat?

{Jellicle Cats - Cats the Musical}

The "Tahlias" have had a great time getting into their kitty cat personalities! Hhhhmmmm... Maybe a little too much fun! LOL!

For ballet, the girls (and one boy) are dancing to "Butterfly Kisses". Such a soft and beautiful song by Bob Carlisle.

{Butterfly Kisses}

Yes, this little girl (sorry bad photo!)....



...has come a long way!! And we can't wait to see her perform next Saturday.

And while we are on the subject of "dance"! LOL!! Tahlia also performed in her school Rock Eisteddfod last week. She was Sandy from the Musical "Grease". The kids did a great job and was a lot of fun to go and show our support.

{Grease - The Musical}

Thanks for visiting...x

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Ian...

...Besides being "Snowed Under" quite literally...We hope you are having a wonderful time back in England!!!

Big kisses and {{{{hugs}}}} from your niece and nephews!! (Oh okay, from your brother and sister-in-law too!)

Have a great one!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010


I want to post...I really do!! LOL!! BUT I am really bogged down at the moment.... 2 Rock Eisteddfod nights, 6 hour full dress ballet rehearsal - take photos and help one million 3-4 year olds get dressed for it (even though my dd is 10!), school swimming carnival, 2 gold pass days (reward for kids at school who can manage their own behaviour) going to 2 different water parks!, birthdays, deadlines!!!!, and not to mention the impending holiday season!! LOL!! So you see, I want to post...I really do.

But for now can I share some sneaky peeks?...

Mmmmm! Crate Paper! :)

More photos to come.....x

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Howdy everyone... I've been quiet for the past few days. Just trying to get on top of things, especially at this busy time of year!!!

But I do have a few more shares and a little sneak peek!

Over at Kaisercraft this past week, I shared a layout that involved sewing. No surprises there, right?! LOL! There is ALWAYS some stitching happening on my layouts. hee hee! But the girls and I made it into a little tutorial...

Here's my example:


journaling: I want for you tho cherish the land you explore as much as you cherish each other... 25.08.10

Also at Kaisercraft today I have a layout featuring the gorgeous new pearl and rhinestone flourishes!

{Little Explorer Boy}

These flourishes are so yummy! I might have to go get some more.... (shhh! don't tell..x)

I also have a layout to share that I did, just for fun!! Fancy that! LOL!! I just couldn't resist scrapping this photo. Cam is so cheeky. Cute. But definitely cheeky!

{Boy Camper}

journaling: the rosy cheeks, the gleam in his eyes, mischief to cause and fun to be had... traits of a seasoned camper! Emu Creek 2010.

And finally here's the sneaky peek I promised. Bridge has started a new scrap whisper and I'm second on the list, sooooo.... *warning* ....you may have to wait a while for the reveal... hee hee!

{Fun Fair}

AND! While we are on the topic of Bridge, do you all know about her awesome new blog and online kit shop???? Go and check it out. Her debut kit is gorgeous!!!

Thanks for visiting...x

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I have a little more Kaisercraft "After Five" to share with you today. But I've given this gorgeous collection somewhat of a twist....

What do you think about black, grey and silver for a Christmas themed project??! Something different??...

In my DT collection of goodies from Kaisercraft the Advent Calendar has been staring back at me, almost shouting at me to pick it up and put it together! LOL!! How could I refuse. This is what I created...

{Advent Calendar}

I went with the silver foil and black flocked patterned papers from the 6″ paper pad which were ideal for this project. The colours conjured up images of a winter wonderland, something Ethan desperately wants to experience for Christmas! LOL! However, while we are living in the southern hemisphere, he will just have to use his creative imagination!

Hopefully I have given it a boost by including a snowman, snowflakes and swirling drifts of snow all in the scene for our Advent Calendar.

If you would like to know a bit more on how I put this together, please go over to the Kaisercraft blog...

I can't wait for our family to put this Advent Calendar to good use this year! And I guess that that time will arrive sooner than I realise! Thanks for visiting...x

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Challenge #60 is up over at Inspired Blueprints today.... This is a fabulous sketch where you can use one large photo or several smaller ones like me...

Here's my layout....


Also over at Kaisercraft today, I am keeping it simple. I am a novice when it comes to making cards. I really do struggle. So when I need to pull a few out of a "hat", I really like to keep them simple. Using no more than four or five basic ingredients I came up with these...

{Dare to Dream}

{Live, Laugh, Love}

There are more details on the After Five products I have used, up on the blog.... Thanks for visiting...x

Monday, November 15, 2010


Today is the beginning of my shared blogging week over at Kaisercraft with the very talented Kerryn and Camilla! We have a heap of fabulous ideas to share, starting with hidden journaling.

Here's my layout...

{Special Day}

November's release, After Five, has such beautiful and rich neutral tones, that you could create any themed layout. Mine is based on a moment while we were camping!! LOL! Go figure!

This collection is most definitely suited for weddings, anniversaries and special occassion type layouts, but I challenge you to look beyond that and create something more! ;D

Anyway... here's my hidden journaling...

I've sewn a pocket to my layout and used hidden journaling simply because I wanted my layout to have a clean and polished look. I wanted to tell the story, but I didn't want to have journaling covering my page.

So stay tuned for some more shares throughout the week. Thanks for visiting...x

Friday, November 12, 2010


Have you checked out the latest sketch over at IB???
I loved playing with this one... here's my layout:

{Rain Dance}


There's quite a bit of layering happening here.

And quite a bit of hand stitching!!

Thanks for visiting...and I hope you will play along...x

Thursday, November 11, 2010

This boy...

This boy....

...who loved train rides...

...and cars...
...and giant ice-creams...

...turns 8 today...

This boy...

...born on remembrance day...

...still loves train rides...

...and cars...

...and giant ice-creams....

hee hee!

We love you heaps Liam. Have a wonderful and magical 8th birthday....Love Mummy, Daddy, T, E & C...x