Friday, August 29, 2014

Scraptastic | Boys of Summer...

Hello Friends! I have had a wonderful time creating with my Boys of Summer kit this month over at Scraptastic, but more than anything, I've enjoyed documenting the stories that belong with the photos.
You know I love journaling right? Well, today I am sharing three layouts, created with the August Boys of Summer kit, and all with journaling included.
"My Superhero"

products used: Scraptastic Club - Boys of Summer; Add on - Boys of Summer; Flair/Badges - 4th Anniversary gift; Cut Aparts - Boys of Summer; other - toothpick, black paint; tools - typewriter.

"Just Kidding"

products used: Scraptastic Club - Boys of Summer; Add on - Boys of Summer; Flair/Badges - 4th Anniversary gift; Cut Aparts - Boys of Summer; Stamps - Brush Script; tools - typewriter, machine stitching, ink.

"Go For It"

products used: Scraptastic Club - Boys of Summer; Add on - Boys of Summer; tools - typewriter.

If you would like to learn more about the details, please head on over to Scraptastic Club.
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bella Blvd | How Much can a Koala Bare?

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share with you my layout created for Bella Blvd, using the new Tiny Tots collection.
 "How Much Can A Koala Bare?"  

products used: cs - Kaisercraft; pp - Bella Blvd (Tiny Tots); alpha - Bella Blvd (Amorie); other - Bella Blvd: crochet heart, stickers; paper clip; tools - machine stitching, typewriter.

Alright. Before I start, I want to let you know that I know koalas aren't bears!  LOL!  But I couldn't help the play on words, especially if you knew the treatment this favourite toy gets in our home.  And I pretty much fell in love with this little fella as soon as I saw the samples for the new Tiny Tots collections!  Aussie fans will hopefully be ecstatic!

Cam adores his little friend.  His name is 2.2 (two two).  For this to make sense, you need to be four years old.  And when you are four, the number four (4) is your favourite number, therefore it make perfect sense to name your favourite toy 2.2 because 2+2=4.  Simple right?! *grin*

To keep all this journaling contained, I have added a paperclip to the back of a phrase sticker (Tiny Tots: Treasures & Text).  The sticker was then backed with white cardstock trimmed to the sticker size.  It now slips over the photo, preventing the journaling beneath from pushing the photo up and holds it all together.

If you would like to see some more inspiration using the new releases over at Bella Blvd, please visit the blog this week!  So much goodness over there!  Thanks for visiting..x

Monday, August 25, 2014

Project Life | Week 30...

Hi Friends!!!  It's Project Life Monday over at Sassy Scrapper! I hope you get the chance to check out the details of what I created for Week 30.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Scraptastic | Thursday Challenge..

Hi Everyone!  Up on the Scraptastic blog today Jocelyn and I have set a challenge for you!  We want you to use a "long" title or sentiment on your project.  But wait....  There's a twist!  Head on over to see what we mean.  *grin*
This Month I am playing with the Boys of Summer kit.  Lots of bold and bright colours to scrap those little men in your lives!! And all the crazy antics they get up to!
"Every Boy should be Gifted with a Costume and a Super Power"

products used: Scraptastic Club - Boys of Summer; Add on - Boys of Summer; Flair/badges - Boys of Summer; other - embroidery floss, black paint; tools - typewriter.

I hope you get a chance to play along with the challenge.  Head on over to the friendly Scraptastic Club forum to join in.  Thanks for visiting..x

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jillibean Soup | Mini Album...

Remember last post where I said I don't really create Halloween projects!  LOL!  Well here's another one created for Jillibean Soup! And low and behold it's a mini album!! EEEEEK! *grin*
"Spooky" Mini Album

I'm pretty excited with all the fabulous peapod parts, mini envelopes and enamel stickers that are being produced by Jillibean at the moment!  And even though we don't celebrate Halloween, I can't wait to fill this mini album up with all the fun and fabulous dress up photos I have (especially of my youngest!!).  If you would like to see more details, pleas visit the Jillibean Soup blog.  Thanks for visiting today...x

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sassy Scrapper | Project Life...

HI there Project Lifers!!  I hope your PL albums are filling up nicely!!  I have now completed 29 weeks of 2014 and I find that I am increasingly impressed with my stamina! LOL!  Last year I barely created 15 spreads!  I'm so happy that Sassy Scrappers continually supports me with this epic journey I'm on, to document and capture our everyday.
This week, I am sharing my process over at Sassy Scrapper.  Please come and visit if you get the chance.  I can't wait to see you there.
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jillibean Soup | Halloween Cards...

Hello lovely friends!  Today I am sharing with you a super quick post.  Two of my cards created for Jillibean Soup this month...

products used: cs - Kaisercraft; pp - Jillibean Soup (Soup Staples, Paper Pad); alphas - Jillibean Soup alphabeans; other - peapod parts, enamel stars; twine;  tools - machine sewing, date stamp.
"Balm of Spider"
products used: cs - Kaisercraft; pp - Jillibean Soup (Cool as a Cucumber, Paper Pad); other - peapod parts; ribbon.
I don't normally make Halloween projects but these papers and peapod parts were too cute to resist! Don't forget to check out what the rest of the DT are creating over at Jillibean Soup this month, with all the new and exciting Summer releases.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bella Blvd | Back to School Week...

Hi Everyone!  Over on the Bella Blvd blog this week, we are celebrating a timeless tradition!  he he he... Back to School!

"School Ready"

products used: cs - Kaisercraft; pp - Bella Blvd: Tiny Tots; alpha - Bella Blvd: Amorie Chipboard Alpha; other - Bella Blvd: crochet heart, stickers, chipboard; staple, ManorHouse leaf; tools - typewriter.

Next year, in January, my last baby goes to school.  Not only will this event be quite the milestone for him, but it will also be quite a momentous occasion for me!  And I dare say I'll be more upset than he will about the prospects of attending school!  However, for the longest time, he has been content to wave goodbye to his siblings in the morning, as they ride the bus to school and happily come back home with me.  This situation has clearly changed in the last few weeks.  He is confident and ready to go to school.  He does a lot of 'practising' while at home and of course, now invents homework to complete along side his brothers and sister after they arrive back home, in the afternoon.

Today I have used the new Tiny Tots collection to document his learning process.  The Alphabet Soup patterned paper is ideal!  To further enhance my story, I've included a short video of my boy doing his 'homework' via a  QR code at the bottom of the layout.  Careful as to not obscure the details of the code, I've surrounded it with stickers from the Tiny Tots Trinkets and Treasure & Text sticker sheets.   Finally, to transform this new collection into a school themed layout, I've added a McIntosh Crochet Heart with a small leaf, to repeat the apple motif found below.

I hope you get a chance to check out all the inspiration over at Bella Blvd this week!! Thanks for visiting today...x

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bella Blvd | Pinterest Inspiration..

Hi there Friends!!  Today I am sharing a layout I created for Bella Blvd and the monthly Pinterest Inspiration challenge!  Here is the photo found on Pinterest..
Lot's of fun and fabulous circles to play with!!!  *grin*
This is the layout I created..
"Bad Case of the Mondays"
Leanne Allinson_Bad Case of the Mondays
products used: cs - Kaisercraft; pp - Bella Blvd: other - Bella Blvd: Paper Pieces, label stickers, stickers; embroidery thread; tools - typewriter, circle punches.
Leanne Allinson_Bad Case of the Mondays2
Leanne Allinson_Bad Case of the Mondays4
I trimmed two sheets of this patterned paper at the same point, so when the top paper has circles punched into it, the bottom patterned paper still revealed what the negative shape would have taken away.
Cam always gets into a melancholy mood on a Monday morning.  He misses his older siblings when they go off to school.  *grin*  I'm pretty sure however, next year when he starts to go to school, there may be a different reason for having the grumps on a Monday!  LOL!
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Jillibean Soup | Cool as a Cucumber..

Hello Friends!  Today I am sharing a LO I created for Jillibean Soup and their new, absolutely fabulous collection, Cool as a Cucumber Soup!  *swoon*  I am so in love with this paper line! LOL!!

products used: cs - Kaisercraft; pp - Jillibean Soup; alpha - Jillibean Soup Beanboards; other - Jillibean Soup: label sticker, peapod parts; embroidery thread, staple; tools: typewriter.

I'm not sure what it was that urged me to create this LO.  I knew I wanted to document my eldest son's eating habits... because there was a time when it was so hard to get him to eat anything much at all.  And now.. at age 11(!) I can't seem to fill him up! Doughnuts, I suppose, are usually a good incentive to eat food, right?! LOL!
Thanks for visiting.  I hope you will find time to check out the DT creations over at Jillibean sometime soon...x

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blog Hop with a Difference...

Hello lovely cyber friends!  Sorry about the lack of blogging lately.  eeeek!  I really have no excuse except for the lack of time available to me! If I could clone myself six different ways, I'm sure my lifestyle wouldn't be as crazy!  ha!! Does anyone else feel like that? No? It must just be me!!  LOL!
Anyway... Back to business.  *grin* Last week I was invited to play along with a fun and exciting blog hop by my gorgeous friend Chantalle McDaniel.  Chantalle has an amazing talent!  I am always is total awe of her interactive designs.  And no doubt her kids, in years to come, when they look back on these stories of their lives, the touch and feel from these interactive elements will evoke so many more memories than just the ones written down.  Oh yes!  She is an amazing talent for sure!!
Chantalle McDaniel
This Blog Hop With A Difference is just what the name suggests.  It has a little twist.  The hope is that the hop will continue to bounce its way around the blogosphere by answering a few questions and passing on the merriment to some more bloggers. Off we go....
1. What am I working on right now?

Right now I am working on a few things in succession!  Right at the top of my scrappy to-do list however, is my Project Life.  I provide a weekly blog post over at Sassy Scrapper, sharing the details of my PL spreads.  This month I am working with another gorgeous kit (shown above).

2. How long does it take to create a project?

When I put my heart and soul into a project (and trust me, that's 99.9999% of the time) I can develop a concept in my head, convert it to paper and create it in less than a few hours.  I am a relatively quick scrapper.  I know what I want and usually I can figure out a way to achieve it.  Having said that, I know when something doesn't work on my page.  If I am not completely happy with the look of it, I will walk away and start something else.  Usually I will keep this "unfinished" project highly visible and every time I glance at it, I am subconsciously thinking of what will work to "fix" it!  LOL!  I definitely know how to complicate a simple process!
3. What are my fave things I love to create with at the moment?

Colour!  I love colour combinations that are unusual.  And I love fresh and vibrant patterned papers!  Quite possibly why I am such a HUGE fan of both Bella Blvd and Jillibean Soup!!

4. How does my creative process work?

I love the glean inspiration from everywhere!  Pinterest.. check.  Blog surfing.. check.  My children.. check.  My creative process generally starts with the story I want to share.  The idea may be sparked by a scrappy challenge or assignment, but I know I am staying true to myself, when I use that challenge to document my family's history.  The photo comes next.  If I have a photo to support the story I am thrilled!  Finally I add the sweet stuff.  The ever inspiring product that falls into my hands!! I use scrapbooking paper, embellishments and all those extra goodies to help fill in the details for my story.  I tend to always carefully consider what each element can or could represent on my pages.

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

As mentioned above, Pinterest, Blog Surfing, Scrapbooking Forums and YOU guys all keep me inspired.  But if, heaven forbid, the www no longer existed, I would still be inspired to document the everyday, fleeting moments and milestones, through my children.  Seriously... I can't make the stuff up, that goes on in my household!!! LOL!

6. What is my signature style?
My signature style is definitely 8.5"x11".  Give me a 12"x12" sheet of cardstock or patterned paper, and I. will. cut. it. down! LOL!  I am comfortable creating a super, feminine and girly page for my daughter, as easily as I am comfortable with superheroes and army camo papers for my boys.  I will always, ALWAYS have journaling on my layout.  It might be hidden sometimes or even added to the back of the page, but it is always there.  *grin*  I couldn't imagine creating without adding the words to remind me why I took a particular photo!  he he he...

Now I am passing you over to another amazing blogger that I am honoured to call my friend. 
 Wendy Antenucci - On the Road to Destiny

Wendy constantly inspires me with her zest for creating with paper!  Not only does she blow me away with her 12"x12" LOs but she also creates stunning OTP projects and is committed to Project Life documenting.  I have the pleasure of working along side Wendy over at Bella Blvd but she also designs for Pebbles Inc. & Simple Stories.  Please head on over and check out her blog.

 Thanks for taking the time to visit here today.  I appreciate it greatly.  Have a wonderful day...x

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bella Blvd | Project Life...

Hi Everyone!  Just wanted to share a PL spread created for Bella Blvd.  Week 27 | June 30 - July 6.  
 Week 27 was a very busy week for my family. I had a high volume of photos to include plus several significant events to record! And because of the complexity of all these events, I needed to use colours that would be universal across the spread. Luckily for me, all of the Bella Blvd collections compliment each other!
Here's a more detailed look at the spread...


For more info on the who, what, where & when, please head on over to Bella Blvd.  Thanks for visiting today...x

Supplies: Scattered Sprinkles: Oreo Sprinkles, Ice Sprinkles, Just Write Journaling Stickers, Treasures & Text; Summer Squeeze: Pocket Full of Posies, Borders, Daily Details; Max: Trinkets, Paper Pieces; Molly: Candid Cards; Lucky Starz: Pickle Juice Starz, Candid Cards, Trinkets; Family Forever: Trinkets; Snapshots: Captions, Tabs, Everyday Bookplates; Christmas Countdown: Captions; Birthday Boy: Cute Cuts, Alpha+Bits; Mr. Boy: Dinomite; High Five Alpha Stickers: Black-White; Flags: Cat