Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Dad...

... I know he will be tickled pink when he sees himself up here on the computer screen! If for nothing else but to give my Mum a hard time ... (letting her know he's *wink, wink* famous and all!!) LOL! But since I know he is not going to get his birthday card and pressie from us today, I though that I'd just plaster his image about..... be warned.... this may not be pretty! Haa!

Anyway Dad. Have a great day!! Happy Birthday and lots of love, from all of us...x

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Don't you just love it when a layout comes together really fast?? Yesterday I received the fabulous "Hudson" kit from Lisa (Storyboard Kits) and I managed to whip up this record time too! LOL!!

{Lil' Mate}

Over the Christmas period last year, my parents came to visit and Cam tended to stick to my dad like glue. He followed Granddad Jim around every where! Whether he was inside or outdoors, Cameron was about two steps behind. He even wanted to be involved with the mowing and gardening! (yep. I put my dad to work when he comes to visit! LOL!) Dad started to call Cam his lil' mate. They made quite a pair!!

And even though this layout came together quickly, I'll admit though, that I had some help! LOL! Storyboard is sponsoring this month's sketch over at Sketchy Thursdays. I thought I might play along....

I also wanted to use this post to send all my love and thoughts to our friends in New Zealand. The devastation from the earthquake in Christchurch is quite shattering. Stay safe and know that our prayers are with you...x

Thanks for visiting....x

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

House keeping...

...not this kind.... (although I have plenty of that to do!LOL!)..

But, I wanted to let you guys know about this!!!

Inspired Blueprints is looking for a team of new and fresh Designers. It was brilliant working with all those amazing and talented scrappers. If you want to join the team - absolutely give it a go! Check Inspired Blueprints out for all the details.

I also wanted to share this little bit of happy news.... I have been awarded "The Stylish Blogger" award from my new friend, Suz! I am completely amazed every time one of these clever little bits of "love" come along. It makes me feel quite joyful!! ;) Her scrapping creations are also absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for adding me to your list of stylish bloggers! LOL!

So, here are the rules:

Thank the person who gave it to you!

Then list seven things people may not know about you:

1. I love the rain. It can drive me crazy sometimes, but I still love it!
2. I had a poodle as a pet during high school.
3. My favourite colour is purple.
4. I want to travel through Italy.
5. I wish I had more time in my day. :)
6. I hang the phone up on annoying tele-marketers who don't let me speak.
7. I hate driving.

Now, I need to nominate 15 other bloggers to receive this award too. So here I am sharing the love...x

1. Leanne Jago
2. Julie Winks
3. Jennifer Yates
4. Jodie Butler
5. Sheree Forcier
6. Karen Shady
7. Nerrida Mitchell
8. Kerryn Lawson
9. Kim Arnold
10. Lisa Warren
11. Ebony van der Starre
12. Kim Jefress
13. Kathleen Glossop
14. LG Belarmino
15. Trudi Harrison

Phew!! There are so many awesome scrappers out there!! I love blog hopping and I hope I have shared a few names for you to check out! Please leave them some love and let them know you have visited.....x

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I spy...

A few days ago my layout was featured on the Imaginisce Blog for their I-Spy hall of fame!! I guess I can now say I am a new inductee! LOL!

{Boy Camper Mode}

I am thrilled to find out about it as I almost missed it! LOL!! Only three scrappers were featured, one being my fellow Kaisercraft dt member and friend, Nerrida Mitchell!

Also this week was the release of the new Inspired Blueprints sketch #66...

I think I went a little off script here, but I'm sure you can still see the sketch. hee hee...

{A Puzzle}

Hidden journaling is on the tag tucked beneath the photo.

Thanks again for visiting and I also wanted to say a special hello to my new followers and to everyone who leaves a comment. I really do appreciate hearing from you all. Hope you are all having a fantastic week-end....x

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hi everyone!! I just wanted to start today with a huge thank-you to everyone who left me well wishes for my birthday yesterday. I was beautiful to see all the wonderful messages. It made me feel even more special - especially since I spent the day at home with a the company of a napping 18 month old! LOL!!!

So.... What did I do? The kids had demand the night before that I was to sleep in! That is a foreign concept in this household! (Any Mum with kids that wake with the rising sun will tell you that!) So, to have Mark up with the kids, making breakfast and getting them ready for school was, well... simply HEAVEN! LOL! Even if he had to get ready to go to work himself.

And breakfast was delightful. A decent coffee and pancakes with tonnes of maple syrup. That of course was after the tonnes of kiddies who piled into bed with me, crushing their freshly iron school uniforms! hee! Squishy cuddles and lots of laughter.

They spoilt me with presents - blue ray dvds, beads for my bracelet and this!!!!!!

A new camera bag from Jill-e Designs!

The rest of my day involved taking the kids to school and then coming home to play with Cam before letting him have a nap. I was at a loss as to what do next (housework was not an option!) so I ended up making some popcorn and watching one of my new movies - without interruption!!! hee...

We also went out to a lovely dinner. Just us as a family. And I didn't take a single photo all day. Not even on my phone!

And before I go, I just wanted to share this layout...

{Love Story}

This was created using the February 2010 Boxx of Scraps. It was recently published in Scrapbooking Memories vol 13, no. 3. I am so excited because not only was it published but it was given a full page! YAY! I was pretty excited to find that out and then to keep flipping through the magazine to find out that this layout....


...was also published on a full page! How lucky am I ?? Thanks again everyone for your birthday wishes for me. February is a good month! LOL!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day...

Don't you just love the hand-made school projects that come home! This was made especially for me!
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hi Guys! Just rounding out the week for Kaisercraft. Today I wanted to share my last two project using Class of '87.


I couldn't go past this collection for this layout, especially since Ethan was starting school this year! How perfect! I loved the bright primary colours and all the embellishment! Look how much I crammed onto this page! LOL... Six photos too. That must be a record for me! hee!

And a few details...

And finally, a little name tag for Ethan's school bag....

Thanks for visiting...x

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Callum!..

Just sending all our love and kisses to a special and truly wonderful nephew.

Hope you have a fabulous 10th birthday....xxxx (even if this is your camera smile!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today I wanted to share another Kaisercraft project. This one using the "Class of 87" collection.
My kids (funnily enough) are always looking for excuses as to why they haven't done the household/daily chores. Their number one reason? "I can't remember what job I am supposed to do today!!" *sheesh* Someone give me strength! LOL!!
Sooo... To end my frustration and their lack of recollection, I have put together this "Job Tree". :)
The idea behind it is to have three permanent jobs on the roster, stuck to a branch, where the kids' names can then hang from a hook underneath it. Their names will rotate weekly - this stops the whining and the forgetful memories!!

This was a lot of fun to make and the kids are actually using it! If you would like to see some more, please visit here.

Also out today is Sketch #65 over at Inspired Blueprints.

Here's my layout inspired from the sketch.

{The 6 of Us}

The DT seem to have a kraft trend happening at the moment! LOL! Why not head on over and give this sketch a go! There's a fabulous Storyboard Kits kit, up for grabs! (These kits are continually sold out!) And speaking of which, the above layout has also been created from Storyboard Kits - Giselle.

Thanks for visiting...x

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The week-end bike ride!...

Over the last little while, if we haven't been up to our knees in muck and water, we have been sweltering in the heat! Not a lot of fun and it certainly makes us feel kind of non-productive! LOL! BUT... We will suffer no longer! LOL! This week-end we finally had air-conditioning installed! WOOOOOO HOOOOO! LOL!
Can you tell that I am a little bit happy?! hee! Maybe even deliriously happy!!

Anyway, instead of staying home and enjoying our new comforts, we decided that going for a bike ride at the beach would be a much better idea! Huh? Seriously!

It was hot. The kids were whiny and we had a good time despite the hiccups!

Ummm... Cam fell off here and hit the beach... (he was okay - big fall though!)

Ethan fell out of here!... (again, he was okay - just a bit winded!)

And our legs (meaning Ethan!) got pretty sore and our faces were red from exertion!

But we were glad we went and I captured some fun images too!

But my favourite photo would have to be this one....

This guy let me sneak right up to him!

Thanks for visiting...x

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi Everyone! I just wanted to let you know that it is my week to blog over at Kaisercraft again. This time I am sharing the duties with Kirsty!

We have been so lucky to play with another two new releases for this month...

Magic Happens...

and Class of '87...

Here is what I created with Magic Happens....

{Fairy Magic}

How little does Tahlia look?! She had only just turned five in this photo! If you would like to see more....please click here! Thanks for visiting...x

Friday, February 4, 2011


Remember this vintage sneak from the other day??

Well... I can now share the full layout...

{The Story of Tradition}

This page was created for the Scrapboxx newsletter where some of the DT members were challenged to create a "vintage" style layout. Go and visit The Boxx and check out what the other girls created! Wow! They are amazing. Oh! And make sure you grab yourself a cuppa before sitting down to read through the newsletter...x :)

Also.... I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words regarding my family in the path of Tropical Cyclone Yasi. I am over whelmed at your kind words and "virtual" support! LOL! Thank you all so much...x

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The monster called Yasi...

Hi everyone. Just a very quick update to let you know about my family in North Queensland. Right now. This very second. My parents, brother and his family are sitting out the severe wind gusts that are a Category 2 cyclone on dry land. It is eerie. I can hear the wind tearing down the phone line as I talk to them and reassure myself that they are okay.
And they are okay for the moment. This storm isn't over and they are in her path.

My more immediate concern was for family who live directly in the path of the eye of Yasi. They were devastated by TCLarry. And now they are calling "him" just a boy compared to Yasi. This was a Category 5 cyclone which hit the coast at Mission Beach. My cousin lives half an hour inland from there. Seriously. Only half an hour.

I was so worried but we have made contact. Everyone is fine. Mentally and physically exhausted but they are alive after expecting to be wiped from the planet.

Her little boy, thankfully, slept through most of the night. I hope he doesn't have nightmares from this experience. His swing set and trampoline have been crushed by a donga (a small single cell house like structure) but those are the things that can be replaced. Just things. A 3000L water tank has just disappeared. They have no idea where that has gone. But again... just things.

Amazingly their phones are still up and running. No electricity but the communication network is up and running. And thank goodness for that, because I think I would be sitting here, not knowing what was going on and making myself physically sick.

My family is okay. I hope I can say the same for everyone else...x

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Guess what!?? A little while ago, I was contacted by ScrapStreet Magazine and they asked me if they could publish my layout Chocoface! Check it out here.

I have never submitted to this fantastic on-line mag, so it was a bit of a thrill when they did the approaching! LOL!

Anyway... Do you remember this classic?


LOL! Look at those big blue eyes! *sigh*...

In other news... Have you checked out "Hudson" yet???

These Storyboard Kits are seriously cute!!! And I can't wait to play with this one!!

And while I am drooling over this fun and fabulous kit, I also have one eye on the massive tropical cyclone heading directly for the Queensland coastline.

This thing is a monster! Category 5. The largest category a cyclone can be classified. I have family in the direct line of the eye (at Innisfail - my Nana, Aunt, Uncle & cousins)... and by the time it crosses the coast, it will be a Category 3 on land! That is almost unheard of! This will probably be the intensity of which it will hit near the town my parents live in. They are currently battening down and preparing for the devastation and destruction "Yasi" will cause....

There is always something happening right?! The next 24-48 hours will be testing....

Thanks for letting me share..x

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello February...

Yes. I know. Bad blogger again. I have had comments from family wanting updates.... With the way this blog has been operating so far this year, you would be forgiven if you thought I had forgotten my "One Little Word" - connect. Ironic huh? Of all the words I could have chosen, this is the one area where I feel I have not connected lately. Bad blogger.

But in hindsight, I have been focusing on my little family. We have been getting into new routines and some old ones too. Yes. Being back at school has thrown me a little. I miss my kids. You know, the ones that fight non-stop with each other and bicker over the slightest inconsequential things??? Yeah. Those ones! LOL!

The house is quiet.

Cameron however, sticks to me like glue. There is a sense of confusion with him. He looks for the kids throughout the day. But he also seems to love having me as his constant companion.

Not that I mind. LOL! We get grubby and blow bubbles and put puzzles together and read books. All the things I wanted to do if I had more "one on one" time. Connect. Yes. We are loving it.

But I still miss the kids.

Our afternoons however, are quickly filling up with things to do. Lots of homework. There's a new element now too, in regard to homework. Liam has to have interactive reading over the Internet. He loves it. What boy - mad on science, technology and computing, wouldn't? His teacher has set up a program where home readers are now extinct!!! What's wrong with holding a book in your hands? It's a good thing for him though, that he enjoys reading and gets quality "real" book time just before bed. LOL! That activity, is encouraged by me.

Ethan has had a few tears since starting school. So much to the fabulous start! But it really has only been one day where the tears flowed. It must has been a group discussion the day before because there were seven or eight preppies all clinging to their mummies that morning. No. We weren't left out. :)

I have solved this dilemma though! YAY! I have to take a photo of him each day on my phone. This is so when I miss him, I can just look at his picture. (He sooo knows I am a scrapbooking Mum! hee!) And I do find myself looking at his photo from time to time during the day.

The boys have also started karate. Ethan is the smallest one there! LOL! It's so cute to see him sparring with 16 year olds (who have to get on their knees most of the time)!

The boys are really enjoying this learning process.

Tahlia starts back at ballet this week. Her days have changed from a Tuesday to a Wednesday, which works better for us. She is very excited (actually that's a bit of an understatement!) hee! This will be her fifth year at her dance school.

I haven't been connecting to paper and scissors though. A few assignments but as you can tell, getting into a decent routine is taking time. What I have done in regards to scrapbooking is sort out my space! Finally!! LOL!! I will post some photos soon-ish! :D And I have some new storage. YAY!

And finally, as for my plan to have a family photo taken every month.......... well here's January's.

It's a good start! LOL! Just getting this many people into a photo was a challenge. No wonder there aren't too many family snapshots. Oh, and for the family members reading this post...please pick up the camera a bit more this year. I feel like I am being obliterated from the family history! LOL! I would like to be in the photos too rather than the only one who takes them. :)

So .... Thanks guys for sticking with me. I promise to get back on track with my scrapbooking .....very soon. I think I need to! :)