Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy kids at play

It's really nice to see the kids interacting well together. I thought there might be some adjustment/power struggle as to who would dictate the direction of play, now that Liam is at school and Ethan thinks he can rule the roost at home. Well, for one thing, I've got news for Ethan (that's not how it works buddy!) and I am really proud of how well Liam is coping in his new social setting.

Even after coming home after what must seem like an incredibly long day, Liam always makes time to play with Ethan while Tahlia is completing her homework. The three of them together have a really close bond. Even this morning (and every morning when I take the older two to school), Ethan reaches down from my arms to give both Tahlia and Liam a kiss before they run off to their classrooms when the bell rings. Today Ethan must have thought that Liam was not going to kiss Tahlia goodbye and grabbed his head and directed him toward Tahlia and promptly told Liam to kiss her. It was sooo cute.

Every afternoon when we go into the school to collect the kids it's the same enthusiastic response from Ethan .... "Tahlaa! Lum!! Looook Mum looook!"

Got to love that.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Sleepover

As a family we had decided to have a sleepover at Grandma's and Grandad's. This of course involved us, Aunty Fara and Uncle Andrew, the cousins - Callum, Jesse and Olivia, Great Grandma, and since it was at their house, Grandma and Grandad.

So... Good Friday was the day we kick started our Easter celebrations. This meant heaps of fun for the kids but also a bit of R&R for the grown-ups (somewhere amidst the chaos!). During the exchanging of Easter gifts, Liam was given water balloons and the next thing we knew... this happened.

They all had a blast. Even Ethan and Olivia who eventually got the hang off it.

Later that night the kids had the Easter story read to them by Great Grandma. To say they all sat nicely and listened intently is an exaggeration, but they tried their best. I'm sure of it.

The next morning involved the Easter Egg Hunt. This mad, crazy free-for-all tradition had the kids running in all directions looking for the hidden booty...CHOCOLATE!!! Thankfully they all ended up with reasonably even numbers (although insane amounts) of little chocolates between them.

As this day ends on a sugar high =), we would like to wish all a very happy Easter.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter

Okay here we are starting all over again. I had left my old blog sooo long ago, I can't even find it ! =) Anyway, that happens when you are a busy Mum.

So let me start off this blog by apologising.

Sorry. I am truely sorry, I didn't get back sooner.

We have been sick. Naturally after the kids get better I seem to fall under the influence of their germs! Still trying to crawl out of bed at the moment. Yuck! Let me catch you up on what little has been happening here.

Did I tell you that they have started building houses on the two vacant blocks next to us? Well if i didn't then they have, and they are almost finished... new neighbours soon. Hope they are nice and don't have drum sets!! It will be quite a change after four years of open space next to us.

Tahlia is loving ballet and now wants to do jazz. Have you seen So You Think You Can Dance? Well if you have, in a few years, that's her goal.. Her teacher is very good ("Miss Leanne") and thinks she should do exams... We will see how it goes.

Liam has just performed in his easter bonnet parade, in a hat he made all by himself. (I felt i let the team down because we didn't make it together at home. - it was an in school project *sigh*) He looked good though. And I know he was very excited about making it himself.

Ethan has busted his finger right open when he decided to get out of the bathtub all by himself. Mark was supposed to be supervising soooo... don't really know how he did it! Of course he won't let me keep a plaster on it and he keeps knocking it on all thing possible.

Mark is still busy with work and I just quietly go on my way!

Hope all is well and everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend.