Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here we go.... Last week of the Scrapability Sketches Scrapmaster competition.

For the last 3 challenges we had to use a previous sketch, build a layout & use masking.

Challenge #1 - We had to follow this sketch...
We also had to include a circle, journal tag, bling, date, ribbon, the colours purple and kraft and flowers!

This is my take:

{So Sweet}

A lot of items required and I put them all in a very small space! LOL!

Challenge #2 was to build a page using texture and dimension. The catch - we had to start off by using kraft coloured cardstock and add green. The rest was then up to us. I've relied heavily on the words kraft "coloured" as I really wanted to use this handmade paper as my base. hee! I don't know if I've gotten away with it, but every now and then I guess you need to push the boundaries! ;)

{Our Spring Garden}

I have layered and layered here! Not that you can tell by this photo! LOL! Maybe this will help....

Hhhhmmmmm! Not really! LOL!

Handmade paper; paint (used a paper doily as a mask); patterned paper strips; patterned paper block (my green element); tags, string; photos; alphas; ribbon and felt; diecuts; embellishments - shaker stickers, flower punches, bling, stickers, clouds and more: clouds (found here); ink, pop dots and lots of foam tape!

Challenge #3 was to use masking on the background.

{Not so Perfect photo}

I love this photo!! Even though it is far from perfect! (But when are these"sitting on Santa's lap" photos!!) It was a spur of the moment decision to get this shopping centre shot. Tahlia had been growing her fringe out for her ballet recital and was hastily pulled back, Liam refused to show his teeth - because he was mithing thum!, Ethan was so excited that he was pulling on his shirt, and poor Cam just freaked out as soon as he was plonked down on Santa's lap!!

And that is why I love it! A perfect time capsule of that moment!

These challenges were a lot of fun. It really got the creative juices flowing! Thanks for visiting..x

Monday, September 27, 2010

Home again...

*warning* Photo heavy post (for the family!!)

We are home again after another fabulous wet, camping weekend! The good news though, ... it only rained during the night, leaving the days cool and refreshed. It was really lovely to just get away for a few days.

We enjoyed bush walking and exploring.... riding....... swimming in the creek...

...eating yummy treats....

...and generally chillaxin' !

But we were very happy to avoid these guys!

We are glad to home now, with warm showers, clean sheets and shampoo! How lucky are we to have all this just over an hour away from where we live! Awesome!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hi! Again I am briefly popping in here to share this week's layouts for the competition over at Scrapability Sketches. This is of course in between the running around I am doing, packing to get ready for camping (and yep..., the skies are still rather grey here!).

Challenge #1 was to take inspiration from a layout provided.

This is mine:


Can you tell that I didn't stray too far from the topic! LOL!!

Challenge #2 was to follow this sketch.

Mine isn't as bright as this one! LOL!!

{The Camp Cook}

There's quite a few pop dots on this layout. Ethan could be in the running to challenge Grandad Jim for his title! He does love to help with the cooking!!

And finally challenge #3 was to scrap a red and white layout. No other colours except for black pen and alphas.


I'm thinking now the red paint looks a little like blood splatter! LOL!! No murderous thoughts at all are directed at those beautiful flowers ( my all time favourite and also were in my wedding bouquet!). LOL!

Thanks again for visiting...x

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Just popping in briefly to share with you the remaining Kaisercraft projects from last week!

{Merry Xmas} - canvas

I wanted this project to be simple and easy to create. But I also wanted it to be specific for each year that I display it, so after it was blogged, I added the photo... Now I can watch them grow.

Also at Kaisercraft this month, there is a great sketch challenge with a fabulous prize!

"At the end of September (3oth September AEST) we will be selecting a first place and second place winner from the September sketch gallery.

The first place winner will receive a $25 collection pack of their choice (6 patterned papers, die cut elements, alpha stickers and rub-on pack) along with two Beyond-the-Page projects of their choice!

The second place winner will receive a$25 collection pack of their choice (6 patterned papers, die cut elements, alpha stickers and rub-on pack)!"

This is my example of the sketch:

{It's Show Time}

The Up, Up & Away patterned papers went perfectly with this layout!

Well, that's it for now. Still raining here but we are hoping it will clear before our camping trip on the weekend! LOL!! Chances of that happening is looking rather slim at the moment though!!

Thanks for visiting..x

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's like riding a bike...

...Today we did something new. hee hee... Can you believe we actually went on a bike ride as a family together!? Can you believe that that is something new for us! LOL!!

Our wonderful "camping" family invited us to go bike riding with them today. And it was a lot of fun!! LOL! Picture this. Four adults. Seven children - two of which were being pulled along in a bike trailer and a 1 year old on the back of my bike. It was a blast. Apart from the sore muscles in the legs that haven't been used in some time.

Cam enjoyed every dare devil minute of it. He was furiously trying to look around me at everything we passed, at every chance he got! (All I could feel was his little bike helmet rubbing against my back as he moved from side to side! LOL!) Not a whinge or a whine. But we did get a few squeals of delight as we went down the big hills!

Sadly, there aren't too many photos! We were too busy having fun. Liam did pose for me though - after the fact! hee hee...

On a side note, I have a few more scrappy shares to come, but I will post them in the next few days. It is the start of the school holidays here in Queensland and we are hoping to have many more fun filled adventures like today's unexpected one! LOL!! Thanks for visiting...x

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The grass grows quickly...

Who said mowing the grass is fun and exciting? Hhmmm... Don't know. But this kid might be on the list of those who do. She has today discovered an outdoor chore she likes to do! Whoa!! Hold the phone!!! Likes. To. Do?????

That's right. Mark has recently let her take baby steps and has taught her how to drive the ride-on. She is a quick learner and let's face it. It's not a very hard thing to do. Forward. Back. Avoid the trees! Besides, the blades aren't rotating while she is on it.

So I guess the question is, why is Liam on the back of the seat? Is he getting a free ride? No. He is doing an important job!! LOL!! She doesn't have enough weight on her to keep the mower's engine running. This ride-on has a built in safety feature where if there is no weight on the seat, the engine automatically cuts out. The two of them combined works well! She reaches the pedals and steers. He holds on and provides some extra kilos!!

She did have a lot of fun and I'm sure Tahlia will be putting her hand up to do this again. Hhhhmmm! This has me wondering though. Is my husband trying to get out of doing yard work??

Friday, September 17, 2010


Just wanted to share these layouts that I've completed for week 2 of the Scrapmaster Challenge at Scrapability Sketches. I told you I was slightly nutty right?? Yeah, well.... I am! LOL!!

Once again I've left it until the last minute and the weather here is pretty lousy. Therefore I can't even get a half decent photo.... so bare with me! LOL!!

Challenge #1 - A taste of Adventure. Scrap a layout with this idea in mind....

{How Far is Adventure?}

So far, all our great camping adventures have been in our local area. I love that! It's fabulous to get out and explore your own back yard! hee hee...

Challenge #2 - All about me. Who does this!!! I mean, surely you aren't supposed to scrap about yourself! LOL!! I can barely get in front of the camera let alone scrap about myself!

{Just being me..}

We had to include 4 patterned papers, ribbon, two different alphas, 2 photos and a 10 point journaling list. *sheesh* This one was hard for me. But I managed and now I am actually glad I've completed it.

Challenge #3 - a red card. Okay so this was hard for me too. I hate creating cards! hee hee... I don't know why, but I just can't seem to pull them together.

{Merry Christmas - card}

Hhhmmmm! That theme seems familiar! LOL!! At least it's red!! Anyway....let's see if I'll get through to round three! Thanks for visiting..x