Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spring Fair...

Yesterday we went to two Spring Fair's!! How lucky are we?? One was for a local church and the other was raising money for kids with cancer. Both were full of colour.....

And lots of fun...

There was a boxing ring with foam batons and gloves at the first fair we went to. The kids had a great time having some friendly jousts with their mates. Ethan really had a blast. I was surprised he wanted to try... and even more surprised when they let him.... The boxing glove was literally half his size, and could only use one because he found it so heavy!! LOL!

The dads were there, right on the edge of the blow-up ring, cheering the kids on! hee!

And it wasn't just for boys.... Miss T had to have a go too!

It was such a big day for all the kids...

And too tired to hold his lollipop any longer, but too reluctant to let it go, Cam resorted to this on the car ride home!! LOL!!

Too funny! Thanks for visiting...x

Friday, October 29, 2010

Radio star...

Today Tahlia's school choir performed live on ABC Radio...

When told their singing was going out live on the airwaves and then onto the internet, the kids seem to get really nervous! :) But they did a great job and lapped up the attention!!

They sang "Shadowlands" from The Lion King. If you would like to hear it, click here. We have a dodgy, personal video too. But I won't post that since a seven year old with little interest in the whole ordeal, took it and motion sickness meds are a must!!! hee hee! Thanks for visiting..x

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Are you ready for a PINK challenge? Head on over to The Boxx and check out my random challenge...

I wanted to help create some more awareness during October for Breast Cancer month. Too much awareness is never enough.... So... What better way than to stir up some pink for the gallery.
The challenge was to use only pink, with the exception of white cardstock, kraft and black pen. The theme needs to be based on strength/courage. This was even difficult for me! And I set the challenge!! LOL!!

The next step was then to donate a few $$$ to a Breast Cancer charity. I chose the Kim Walters program. Please go and check it out.

This is my layout:

{Seek Joy}

Removed For Publication...x

I have also based my layout on the very first sketch for Get Picky! Yay!! I managed to get this one completed!!

And some detail...

And do you see that gorgeous bling flourish???? More of those to come soon.....x Thanks for visiting me and I hope you join in with this challenge.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The very PROUD mama...

**Warning!! This is a serious brag session! LOL**

Lately we have savoured some sweet success stories involving my school aged children, Tahlia (10yrs) and Liam (7yrs). I am so immensely proud of the two of them and their individual achievements when it comes to school.

Okay... To be truthful, sometimes it really is like pulling teeth, especially when I ask Liam to sit down and start (yes...just start) his homework. He finds it incredibly boring and tedious....

Remember this...

{Please Read}

This was done waaaaay back in February of this year and nothing much has changed since then in regards to homework. Oh sure. He does it. Begrudgingly.... hee!

But yesterday was a good day....

He came home bursting with excitement and good news. In fact he had to tell me as soon as he reached the car.... "Congratulations" he read.... "Your son had been chosen to participate in the Maths extension program..."

OMGosh!!! He was one of five students selected from his Grade Level (Yr 2) to be involved in the new talented childrens' programs... Woo Hoo! It might not seem like much, but we attend a school that has over 1500 students. 160 odd which are in Grade Two.

Now, not to be out done.... Miss T has been outstanding!! This little "smarty" has also been singled out to be a part of the Gifted and Talented Childrens' group. Her Principal has also asked her to get an IQ test done! Seriously.... An IQ test??? She is one of two Grade Five kids who is now being challenged at school.

I have been asking her teachers over the years to please give her extension work. She loves school and thrives on learning new things. Simply put.... she is a sponge. Some of her teachers have obliged... others haven't. So to see something finally happening is really exciting for her...

Tahlia is in the Arts program at school. In Grades 5, 6 & 7, the students are split up into more knowledge specific classes... Science/Technology, Sports Development, Arts & Universal (students get a little taste of everything).

The Arts classes are involved in performance, dance, Rock Eisteddfod and visual arts ( ie painting etc..). The kids have been working with the local High School to prepare for their Rock Eisteddfod. Our girl has been selected to dance the lead role in Grease. Yep. That's right.....She is Sandy! LOL!! And she is extremely thrilled!!

Also on the dance front, during the school holidays "Madam" participated in her very first dance exam. We can now share her results.................!


Woot Woo!! Way to go Baby!! It has to be those very long legs of hers!!! hee hee...

So after fair warning at the beginning of this post... I thank you for letting me be a very proud Mama and bragging away about my older kiddies! Thanks for visiting...x

Sunday, October 24, 2010


The Boxx newsletter is out and I have some LOs to share... But first I want to congratulate our newest design team members who went through a gruelling audition just to inspire others... hee hee!!

Please welcome...

the awesome Julie Winks...

the incredibly talented Leanne Jago...

and the lovely Karen Shady.

I am so pleased that these ladies made it onto the team although it was incredibly hard to narrow it down.... (I had a long list of talented ladies but unfortunately I don't own the Boxx and couldn't choose an open house of dt members!!! Thank goodness it wasn't left to me alone, in the end! LOL!)

Now on to some house keeping and the newsletter...

{A Grand Adventure}

This is the Book Of You kit for August and I asked the question - "What happens to you when you travel?"

We seem to take a few detours. Some planned. Some... ahem... Not so planned! LOL!! Mark always calls these incidents, "adventures". Especially when the kids ask if we are lost...!

This LO is also from the BOY kit...

{Hot Wheels Kid}

Continuing with the cars/travel theme... Liam loves his toy cars and like all boys, I'm sure... he is starting to collect quite a few...

The next two LOs are from the September BOY kit... It is very girly but I managed to sneak my nephew in there too... hee hee!! I hope he doesn't mind! LOL!!

Firstly though, for the September BOY kit, my question is - "What words of advice would you give to someone else?"

{If Only}

Something to think about... :)

And here's my LO with Callum and Tahlia...


These guys are just 9 months apart in age and still are as close to each other, 10 years later, as they were when they were just babies!! Aaawww! It's so sweet...x I love these photos too.

Thanks for visiting and I hope I have offered some inspiration...x

Friday, October 22, 2010

Blog Whisper...

Welcome to our long awaited and eagerly participated in Blog Whisper!!

.... after what seems like ages (hee!), we are able to share our scrapping blog whisper that Bridge started in July. There are two groups doing the rounds and just like the game Chinese Whispers, you never know what you will get in the end! Hopefully you are visiting me from Belinda Watson's blog!!

If you are visiting me first, then you have missed out on the the first few layouts and will need to start over at Bridge's blog. I am in Group 1 and if you're curious about Group 2, please note that you will also need to start over with Bridge.

Anyway.... here's my layout:

{the beach comber}

To continue this blog hop... go and visit the amazingly talented Bernie, one of 2010's Scrapbooking Memories Masters... I just hope she can pull something from my layout to work with! LOL!!

Thanks for visiting...x


The new sketch is up over at Inspired Blueprints and it is already producing some gorgeous layouts....

{Sketch #58}
I wanted to use a smaller photo so this is what I came up with:


The design team got to play with some more E.A.D vinyl stickers and rub-ons. The chandelier, circles, corner brackets and even the damask background are all from E.A.D.

I hope you go and join in the fun and try this IB sketch. I would love to see your layouts in the gallery!!!

Thanks for visiting...x

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Camping... again...


Hi there....! Sorry for the absence but we went exploring again over the weekend! LOL! You can't stop us now... hee hee.... Look out world! Here we come, camper trailer behind! :)

After weeks of non-stop rain we weren't even sure if we should go off on our little adventure but it definitely paid dividends in the end! The sky was clear all weekend. It's just a shame no-one told me about the cold front moving in! LOL!! We froze! I mean, who takes Winter woollies camping in Spring?? I suppose I could have checked the weather report before going away with our camping family, but we have an un-written rule. Do NOT watch for weather reports otherwise it is bound to rain! hee hee... How's that for logical thinking!

So after gale force winds the evening before we left and bucket loads of water falling from the sky, we survived a rather beautiful , sun shiny weekend.

Again we stayed in our "back yard" and travelled just over 1.5 hrs away. An easy journey with the kids. And to a gorgeous little spot which we had all to ourselves for most of the time we were there.

The wild flowers were stunning. They were everywhere after the recent rains and in so many different colours too. The girls had an absolute ball, creating bouquets and fairy homes!

And the boys... well, they enjoyed the wildlife that was out in force... hee hee..

We managed to relax some of the time...

But for most of it, we just soaked in our surroundings...

Yes. A very beautiful spot indeed...x