Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy kids at play

It's really nice to see the kids interacting well together. I thought there might be some adjustment/power struggle as to who would dictate the direction of play, now that Liam is at school and Ethan thinks he can rule the roost at home. Well, for one thing, I've got news for Ethan (that's not how it works buddy!) and I am really proud of how well Liam is coping in his new social setting.

Even after coming home after what must seem like an incredibly long day, Liam always makes time to play with Ethan while Tahlia is completing her homework. The three of them together have a really close bond. Even this morning (and every morning when I take the older two to school), Ethan reaches down from my arms to give both Tahlia and Liam a kiss before they run off to their classrooms when the bell rings. Today Ethan must have thought that Liam was not going to kiss Tahlia goodbye and grabbed his head and directed him toward Tahlia and promptly told Liam to kiss her. It was sooo cute.

Every afternoon when we go into the school to collect the kids it's the same enthusiastic response from Ethan .... "Tahlaa! Lum!! Looook Mum looook!"

Got to love that.

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