Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Cammy-bear!!

This cheeky monkey....

Whoops sorry!  I mean this cheeky monkey is TWO today!

We love our munchkin to bits and he is absolutely adored!  Even with his grubby little face and puppy dog eyes.  :)  Hope you have an amazing day today Cameron.  We couldn't imagine life without you! Mwah!  Hugs?!

So.... Please excuse us while we finish our monkey business and party like animals at the zoo today!  :p  hee hee... I couldn't resist!  Thanks for visiting..x


Bellaidea said...

Happy Birthday Handsome!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my Darling Cameron. Hope you are having a wonderful time at the zoo. Wow a big two today.
Love Nannie

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday nephew! Hope your having a swinging birthday. Miss you lot's and can't wait to hang out with you this weekend.
Lot's of love Uncle Ian

p.s. Which photo was Cam again? LoL

Her Essential Hand said...

happy birthday to Cameron.
Sounds like you are having a lovely holiday. Know what you mean about cold in Canberra and that train at Blue moutains.. hm.. I went that many many many years ago and never again for me, haha
thanks for stopping by my blog and receiving such a lovely comment from someone as talented as you - thank you:))
enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Anonymous said...

just beautiful photos, glad you had a nice holiday x I would love to see the war memorial in canberra, must plan a trip down there, maybe not in winter though Brrrr!