Thursday, April 9, 2015

Scraptastic Club | Scrapping Siblings...

Hey Everyone! Today I am sharing my take on scrapping siblings of both genders. You know, the pigeon pair, boy/girl... *grin* It's not always easy, especially when it comes to the colour palette, but this is how I work around it.  Last month, I wrote this post for Scraptastic.  I hope you enjoy...x
Like most families, my children have both their good and loving moments together, equal to their total disdain for one another! I try very hard to capture all moments and with four children,  I can guarantee there are plenty of moments! But when it comes to scrapping siblings, what do you do to encapsulate them if you have both genders in the one photo? Today I am going to share a few tips on how I scrap a brother/sister combination with colour. 

products used: Scraptastic Club kit - Good Day Sunshine; Add on - Good Day Sunshine; flair/badges - Good Day Sunshine; other - black paint; tools - typewriter.
My eldest two children have a mutual admiration for each other. Most of the time. The photo in the layout above was shot while they were having fun but in the next frame, little brother scratched big sister's new watch on the wall, and then the love disappeared in a flash.  It was a blink and you miss it moment. *grin*
However, trying to be a glass half full person, this is the image I wanted to share today. Using the Good Day Sunshine kit this month, the yellow hues convey their initial happiness.
Yellow has always been considered a neutral gender colour. This is something I keep in mind when I have a photo of both my daughter and son in it. But, I am not afraid to add a strong dose of pink or a flower to my layout, just because my son is in the photo too.

The colours in the photo often dictate the colours that are added to my page. The black t-shirt is punctuated and repeated on my layout with embellishments, to prevent it from becoming too feminine. And even though the bow is classically a girly thing to add, because of its colour I don't have an issue with it being there.

The same applies to the splashes of grey. It too is linked back to the photo because of the colour shirt my daughter is wearing.
But what do I do when the colours they wear in their clothing, is particularly strong? I can always convert the photo to a black and white image. Or I can embrace it.

products used: Scraptastic Club kit - Good Day Sunshine; Add on - Good Day Sunshine; flair/badges - Good Day Sunshine; other - gelatos (grape).
To make a connection with my photos on layouts, I will often create a cluster of layered patterned papers and embellishments with at least one colour from the photo added directly to the cardstock. I then build up the layers once again using a neutral selection.
A "grape" watercolour wash was added directly to the white cardstock background and the cluster stack has been added to one side of the page.  White space on a layout can also help neutralise a gender divide. It gives your eye time to rest and focus in on the photo rather than whether of not your page is boyish or girly. 

In this case, the embellishments used on the page can be singled out to being either feminine or masculine on their own. But used in a layered combination the pieces complement each other and help to tell the story.

Thanks for joining me here today. I hope I have shared a few ideas that will help you prevent a gender dispute on your layouts when scrapping photos of both boys and girls together on the one page.

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