Saturday, January 11, 2020

2020 | Welcome...

Welcome 2020! Hello Friends. I'll be honest. I don't really know what my intentions will be with this blog in the coming year. I'll probably still touch base. I might revert back to just documenting family stuff as I did in the beginning. But I will endeavour to get on here now and again to say hi!

Today I wanted to quickly share a favourite tradition I started back in 2011.  At the end of next year, it will mark the ten year anniversary of compiling yearly photo books. I am proud to say I already have nine in my possession!

Each Christmas I bring the memories, highs and lows throughout the year, together and have them printed into a book. Going through each photo month by month can definitely pinpoint grateful moments at an incredibly stressful time of year.

These books have become so popular in my family. It's like they're a staple that everyone can't wait to consume once it's on the table!

And I love that they want to sit and reflect.

And I especially love that once you have these books in hand, you can see the physical growth my kids have made over the years. I mean, they're not going to stay little forever right?!

I've built each book up similar to a PL set up. I just wish I had added more journaling. But it has always been a tough decision to decide between sacrificing photos or words.  So far, photos have always won!

I also "borrow" photos from my kid's social media accounts. As they grow older, they become more reluctant to get in front of the camera. But I have found ways to get the crazy moments captured. Even if I wasn't present!!!

I am looking to change up the format for 2020. I am excited to plan and see where this tradition takes me.

Happy 2020 Friends! May your year be full of adventures..x

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Стокли said...

Great tradition! how many pages does each have, do you make one spread per month? I did a small photo book as a present for my mom and it turned out so cute.