Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bravery award...

Guess who went to the dentist today...and wasn't looking forward to it at all!

But when he got there, Liam was so brave that he realised there wasn't anything really scary about going to the dentist after all. Now if only the rest of us could steal some of his bravado!!! The Dentist even said that she wished some of the Year Seven boys would act like this. Not bad for a Preppie.

With such bravery, can't you tell he's almost six!!! Lol!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Liam,
You are soooo brave for going to the dentist. Congratulations, you sure showed some of those grade 7 kids how brave you are. Mum must have been there to take the photo. I bet you are looking forward to your birthday on the 11th Nov.
love Nanny

Kathleen said...

Awww - and you thought to bring the camera!!! Such a scrapper ;P


Sheree said...

What a brave little man! The dentist can be so scary when you're so little but Liam can be very proud of himself! I love that you got a photo of him. LOL

Sheree xx