Monday, November 24, 2008

A posh luncheon?...

I don't think so! Just our turn to play host for our quarterly get together with good friends. Remember this lot?...

Add one person, (Hi Bec!) and take away three (sorry you couldn't be there Liz, Louise and Peter) and you have a recipe for a casual lunch where talk IS NOT suppose to turn into full on work discussions!!!! Or anything stranger for that matter!

Talk does however, revolve around life in general, having a good laugh (usually at our husbands' expense!) and of course, what the kids have been up to. Oh and don't forget the constant banter about not burning the food on the barbecue! Sorry Geoff, that one is all yours! King of the BBQ and all that!!

And see Geoff, I haven't mention the glasses at all!
Throw in that competitive nature that men seem to bring with them in droves at a gathering, and it usually leads to something like this...

How many time can we keep the ball in the air, David Beckham style!!

What was the record fellas? ...Yeah right! Good luck next time!! Lol!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne,
Yes we had a good time on Sunday, nice lunch and good company. Love the sunnies on Geoff!!! Maybe next time they will beat their record. Bec said she thinks your scrapbooking is great. Keep up the good work.