Saturday, December 20, 2008

17 hours...a new record...

Okay, I've been absent after promising that I'd try and keep up to date...! But we are now on holiday, travelling to North Queensland in the car...with three kids...and my mum!

I tried to get on the computer at home before we left but I was hampered by a very hectic week of school break-up parties, more sewing for ballet, a ballet recital, my MIL birthday, a birthday party (on a separate day) for said MIL, a very slow Internet connection and then followed by a rash decision to throw all our clothes for a three week break into a suitcase less than 24 hours before we travel our record breaking distance! *sigh* I got that all out in one breath! Lol!

But we are here now...Finally!

It normally takes us over 19 hours of travelling to get to my parents' house but we were fortunate enough to have very little traffic on the road ... (except for when I drove!) and the kids were exceptionally behaved in the car! Well, Ethan wanted to keep stopping to do a "wee on the grass" but he managed to hold on!! Lol!

So the kids are now emerged into the animal feeding routines of life in rural Queensland, not missing their city slicker titles at all! The menagerie up here, much to the delight of the kids, includes ducklings, chickens and pigs, to name a few.
These animals have kept them occupied for many hours so far. That and the hose. Yes, that's water restrictions up here! They had just about gone through every change of hastily-thrown-in-the-bag clothes, in one day! Aaaarrrggghhh! I'm supposed to be on holidays too! Not having to do ten loads of washing a day! Lol! All this, and I didn't bring any scrapbooking supplies with me to keep me sane during the holidays!
I'll be back soon with some more photos.


Leanne said...

Oh Wow I hope you guys all have an awesome Christmas. We are jsut having a quite one here with only very little family as most are now living interstate. Not a bad thing sometimes LOL
I hope Santa is kind to you and the children.
Take care, stay safe and have a fantabulous Christmas
Love to you
Leanne :)

Kathleen said...

Lol - looks like fun! As for the clothes, perhaps just rotate them through and throw in some detergent with the hose, once they've finished with the bubbles just throw them over the line!

Merry Christmas!


Sheree said...

Hi Leanne! Hope you're enjoying your holiday (and that the washing's not piling up too much! LOL).

Have a wonderful, Merry Christmas!!!

Sheree xx