Saturday, December 6, 2008

2 awards, a tree and some scrapping...

It's been busy here. Really busy and about to get crazy! What with Christmas parties, birthday parties, school break-up and ballet recitals, I'm not sure which way to turn. So I'll start off with 2 awards!!!

Tahlia and Liam, in consecutive weeks both received awards on parade at school! Tahlia's was for confidence and being able to speak in public...

And Liam's was for persistence and doing great work with his letters and numbers! What a great job! And he received this certificate on his last parade day for school.

I don't normally go to parade any more but they were both performing with their classes and I had the camera ready. It was a nice surprise as both of their teachers had failed to let me know this was happening! I'm just glad I was there...even with everything being so crazy and busy!!
This week we also put up the tree. This is the first time I have stopped myself from giving the Christmas tree a little tweak after the kids have finished with it. They had a blast and even Ethan joined in until his interest shifted to throwing the "round" baubles around the room instead of placing them strategically on the tree!
And finally, I have done a little bit of scrapping. Okay, one page and a simple one at that, but at least I managed...TFL.

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Sheree said...

How lucky that you were there to see them get their awards! (I missed out on Ayden's last one 'cause noone told us. So disappointing.) A huge congrats to both of them for their achievements!

Sheree xx