Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yay! I've found the time and energy to do some creating! *About time!!! grumble, grumble* And even though there are only two layouts, I'm still pleased with myself!

The first is - "My prince".

I just loved the "innocent" look Ethan gave me when I took this photo. Very charming and regal-like! Hehehe... Hence the title.

The next layout was inspired be the "Mother Hen" chipboard piece that Petrina McDonald sent me! I loved it and thought it reminded me very much of Christmas and "Partridge in a Pear Tree"... - "Joy & Laughter".

Isn't it so cute! All delicate and perfect for my layout! Thanks Petrina!


Petrina McDonald said...

all delicate and perfect for that GORGEOUS layout! I think the mother hen sits rather nicely there as a partridge ;-)

And a BIG congratulations on your exciting news! ....bit of a shame you are a little ill with it all though...

Keep on creating :)

Anonymous said...

Rain,rain,rain, thats all we can talk about up here. Love your little Prince and the Xmas layout.
love mum

Kathleen said...

Awww, both LO's are so adorable! Love how you've used the Sass border on the Prince page :)


Sheree said...

Ooooh.. gorgeous layouts Leanne! Especially that little Prince one.. too cute!

Sheree xx

mandysea said...

Love love love your lO's Leanne!!

OOOOOOOOH and congrats on your pregnancy!!! I had no idea!!!

Ooooh cluck cluck - I LOVE babies!!!!

Hope you are starting to feel a little better bloss!