Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fire and Flood...

My heart aches for all those out there suffering from the devastating loss in our country at the moment. The fires raging out of control in the south, with unimaginable numbers of people perishing... And the equally haunting images of flooding in the north.

The same river my children were playing in at Christmas time has caused enormous damage, flooding and rising above the bridge we sheltered under. Rivers, not only near my families' homes, but also in the surrounding areas, cut off entire townships, bringing with it the dangers of crocodiles and snakes.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been touched by these tragedies.


Lorraine said...

Ours too. We've been hearing a lot about the fires and floods over here, and it really is a double tragedy.

I've been hoping that your parents, brothers and their families are all safe.

We have an English friend living out near Townsville for 6 months, so we've been thinking of him too.

Meanwhile, there's been an awful lot of snow here recently, so it's difficult to imagine. What a land of contrasts we live in.

Kathleen said...

...makes you wonder whats happening to this country doesn't it...??

Hope everyone is doing ok :)


Sheree said...

So many terrible things happening around our country... so much loss and devastation... isn't it wonderful to see how so many people have banded together to help the survivors though. Makes me proud to be an Aussie that's for sure!

Hope you and your family are great!

Sheree xx