Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday...

... Dad!

He came down with Mum, from North Queensland to visit us and hasn't had a break yet! I think I may have found him one or two odd jobs to complete for me! hehehe... Anyway, have a great day.

And Happy BIRTHday to our new niece, Moriah Jane, born early this morning. I've been to the hospital for a visit already and fell in love with the little pink bundle! Mother and babe are doing just fine.


Lorraine said...

Happy birthday to your dad from me as well.

And CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew and Fara on the arrival of Moriah Jane!

I bet Olivia, in particualr, is thrilled to have a little sister. (I wonder whether Tahlia is hoping for the same?!)


Nic said...

What a great shot of your Dad! He looks like a handy man too... as is my Dad. He doesn't visit unless he is 'needed' so I always have a job or two!! Congrats on your new little niece.. gorgeous name too. xx