Thursday, May 7, 2009

Playing Catch-up...

First and most importantly.... this beautiful girl turned 9! Sheesh!!! When did that happen? One minute she was being placed in my arms, and then the next .... Well, she is just growing up way too fast!

We went away for the long weekend. We went with friends and neighbours camping in another beautiful area within a little over an hour drive from where we live. We are so lucky to have a fantastic and amazing range areas to explore and enjoy.

Of course, it was also a request from Tahlia that we go camping for her birthday. I am so glad that the kids are also enjoying the opportunity to be outdoors even if it is getting a little bit cold in the mornings! And we regularly share the campsite with the kangaroos throughout the day.

We packed up and left on the Friday, set up house just before the rain and darkness settled in for the night and then sat down to take a breath! Saturday kept us busy (and entertained!) as we drove along the Sunshine Coast beaches. Something very new for us and the kids just thought it was fantastic!

We came across areas we never knew were there, such as the beautiful Red Canyon.

The canyon is created from beach erosion and showcases the most beautiful range of yellow, red and orange sand.

We continued up the beach and then travelled through the National Park on a very rough bush track which I could possibly only label as an unruly induction of labour, for those who are over their pregnancy. Luckily, with only nine weeks to go, I didn't fall into that category, but I don't think I will be going down that road again anytime soon! (Sorry no photos! I was fully occupied concentrating on the Braxton Hicks that baby kept throwing my way!! LOL!) But once we were out of the woods! hehehe... The kids had a wonderful time swimming and splashing in the ocean.

After making our way up to Rainbow Beach and then taking a serious "detour" home, we were exhausted from our all-day excursion. But it didn't stop the kids from riding their bikes and climbing trees!

On Sunday, we celebrated Tahlia's birthday. She woke up to the kookaburras serenading and with the eagerness of someone who is about to receive presents!!

Thanks Aunty Lorraine and Uncle Rick for the lovely watch!

At lunchtime, we enjoyed a yummy spit roast at a local historic venue and afterwards were joined by more friends for our final night at the campsite. All up there were 8 adults and 12 children! Ten of which were boys! How about those odds! And even more amusing is the fact that both of the girls are named Tahlia!!!

We had a great time and now look forward to our next adventure which will probably be after the baby is born! But then again, we still have nine weeks to wait....


Anonymous said...

Boys rule the world. Love the photo's. So are we going to name him Barry or Bazza?

Sheree said...

Wow Leanne, that first photo of Tahlia is just beautiful!!!! A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!! Sounds like you all had a great weekend away. I haven't had a holiday up there since I was little...must go there someday soon...

Have a lovely Mother's Day weekend! Hope you get totally spoiled. :)
Sheree xx

Lorraine said...

Wow! It looks like you had an amazing weekend away!

I'm so glad that you're finally exploring some of those beautiful places around where you live. I've been telling you how lovely it is for years!

I'm also really pleased that Tahlia had such a memorable birthday.

You're very welcome, Tahlia, for your watch. We hope you like it!


Nic said...

Happy birthday Tahlia!! I know what you mean about time flying... it's totally amazing how quick 5 or 10 years can go when you're a parent!!
Camping is so great... so relaxing. We enjoy it too - glad you found some awesome spots!
Have a great weekend. xx