Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pink or Blue?...

It's official. Finally. After 28 weeks of waiting, ummming and ahhhing about whether or not we will find out the sex of baby number four, we have an answer. However, it was an answer that didn't come easily.
Just before our first scan at 13 weeks, my sister-in-law suggested, that if we wanted to know the sex of the baby, it was likely we could find out. Even at this early stage. After all, her sister had asked at this stage and the end result, was a match to her sister's twins. Hmmm. Well it would be nice to be organised. After a girl and then two boys, we probably needed to know. Especially if we are having a second princess.
So at the scan and ensuring there was only one fetus...., Mark asked the question. Weeellll, the sonographer went with, "Do you want to have a guess?"
"It's a boy!" Mark and I said, pretty much straight away.
"Well, I would have to disagree," said the sonographer.
"It's a girl?"
"Yep. I'm about 80% sure. But don't hold me to that," she said, announcing the standard disclaimer.
"How can you tell," I asked. After all, at 13 weeks, the sonogram really only depicts jellybean like blobs, right? (Sorry baby!)
"Do you see how straight the pubic bone is? That generally means girl."
Wow! A girl! Mark and I were really excited. But cautious at the same time. Our daughter is desperate for a sister. So desperate she broke down and cried when she knew the sex for Liam and Ethan. One phrase in particular comes to mind... "But Muuuuuummmmm, boys are so much trouble!" So much heartache for a three, then six year-old to carry with her. So we decided to wait for our next scan at 21 weeks, before telling anyone.
Mark was bursting at the seams. He really wanted to tell someone we were having another little girl. He especially wanted to tell Tahlia. But he was good and held off.
Eight weeks later, and having visions of "little girl" bouncing around in our heads, we walked into the sonographer's office.
"Do you want to know the sex of your baby?" she asked.
"Well, we think we know. You said last time that you were 80% sure it was a little girl." That's a pretty high number, right?
"Oh. Okay. Well you are in the 20% region where I get it wrong."
Sorry. Did I hear that right.
"You are having a boy."
Well I was dumbstruck. After all that time, with my head in a certain mindset about having a girl, I think I was a little shocked. We were going for blue after all.
The next week we were back at our obstetrician rooms, and Mark casually remarked about the shock we had at the scan.
"What? Did the baby change sex on you?" laughed the doctor, jokingly of course."
Mark and I looked at each other.
"Well actually, yes it did." That stopped him laughing.
"Okay," he said more somberly. "They usually get it right the first time."
WHAT! Don't do this to me. I was so shocked at the second scan I didn't ask to see proof of the baby being a boy, and the sonographer didn't offer. So we were back at the beginning. Is the baby a boy or girl?
"I'll do another scan in six weeks," said our doctor. Great. Just what I need. Another long wait to find out if we are having a blue or pink baby. Why did we want to know again?
So, finally, yesterday was the day. I think I was getting to the stage where I was preparing for a surprise. We don't mind either way, of course. One girl and three boys would be lovely. As would two and two.
And drumroll please.............. After 28 weeks of waiting, ummming and ahhhing about whether or not we would find out the sex of baby number four, the answer is....
A little BOY! And we can't wait for him to join us in our little family.


Nicole said...

oh congrats, another little man to love, but OMGoodness at the whole drama of finding out though. Think that was a good reason for us not too.


Oh and have you seen my blog lately, think there might be a little something there for you

Belinda Venables said...

OMG - Have I been under a rock? I know that I have been VERY slack with commenting and reading blogs lately - but how did I miss this?? lol. I must have missed a post or two here and there...pmsl.
Congrats to you and your family. A little boy - how exciting! What a full time you have had with finding out the sex. I have never heard of it being such a
Well, congrats again. I am so happy for you. xx

Sheree said...

What a little rollercoaster ride you guys have been on! At least now you know for sure and you can go ahead planning for your beautiful baby boy. Very exciting! :) Congrats!

Sheree xx

Lisa said...

Beautiful Leanne!!! I hope your daughter isn't sad, but i guess coz she is the only princess that makes her doubly spoilt??!!! WOW its't not long till you have your little healthy bundle in your arms. xx :)

Nicole said...

hey lovely can you email me your details again please, just send it to :)


Lorraine said...

Hi Leanne,

I'm excited for you too! I hope Tahlia isn't too disappointed, poor thing. I know she'll love the baby when HE arrives anyway!

I also hope that Tahlia had a very happy birthday. Is there a birthday post coming soon...?!

Lots of love,

Lorraine. xx