Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pirates, cats, an art show and growing feet...

I really think the title says it all! Yes we have been really busy this past week! So busy I have almost lost track of what we are supposed to be doing and when!

We have had book week, where Liam dressed up as a pirate...Yes, I know. Not very inspiring but with only 3 days notice (& a new baby in the house!) he didn't have a lot of options! LOL!! All I can say is.... Thank goodness Tahlia didn't have to do "book week" this year as well!

She did however, have a performance on parade. She was a cat!

Liam had an ART show! Which was just brilliant and quite impressive...Grade One students and their families had a great time.

And we had Hockey break-up and presentation. Something I didn't have enough hands for and didn't take the camera with me. What was I thinking? :)
Anyway, I will leave this short and lacking-in-detail post with a picture of 8 week-old feet!

Got to love that!


Sheree said...

Sounds extra busy at your place at the moment! That's one very cute pirate you've got there... a happy cat, a fantastic little canvas and the most adorable little feet! :)

Sheree xx

Christine said...

Wow, that canvas is absolutely fantastic! You sure have a little artist on your hands there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Le, If Liam has painted the poppies in the field picture he has done a brilliant effort, its almost 3D.
love the snaps of the boys, Tahlia being a cat and those little feet. Can't believe Cam is 8 weeks old.
Love Mum