Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An update...

I have been really itching to post on my blog... The only problem is, I haven't really had much to say of late. Or maybe it's because my head is so muddled up from lack of sleep that I can't really think of anything interesting to share! LOL!

I have been participating in a few challenges over at The Boxx. Namely the Masterscrap competition for the design team position. What a dream that would be... Well, for me anyway! I can't share at the moment... Maybe after Sunday when I possibly get knocked out of the competition! LOL! (The competition is running for 4 weeks with only half the number of layouts continuing on to the next round...) Fingers crossed. There is a lot of talent over there. :D

Cameron is now 10 weeks old! Everyone is remarking on how much he looks like Liam. Even Liam's teacher!!

Maybe there is a little bit of a resemblance there!

But I can see it here too.

And possibly here as well!
Can you tell that the kids are really loving having a baby in the house! And who wouldn't when you are greeted with this...

Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

We can't believe Cam is 10 weeks old. He looks so bright and beautiful. I can see the kids certainly love having a baby in the house.
Love Mum

Anonymous said...

how do you manage to get such gorgeous photos of your kiddies, they all look sooo angelic!

Good Luck with the DT Comp too...your definitely in with a chance for sure...i'm soooo glad i got to bypass the competition thing!

Sheree said...

Good luck with the DT comp Leanne! Hope you get through to the next exciting!

Great pics as always! That little man of yours certainly is growing fast! Such a cutie. :)

Sheree xx

Lorraine said...

Awwww, lovely photos Leanne! You've made me feel quite broody, (which is probably a good thing, in light of my situation!) I can definitely see a resemblance between all of your children, and I've always thought that Liam and Ethan in particular are peas in a pod, so maybe Cameron will be in their pod too! You must be so proud of your little family! xx

Anonymous said...

Cameron is so cute. He is certainly putting on the weight now since we saw him a month or so ago. Bec and Liz think he is adorable. Bec can't believe how much he has grown and changed since she saw him in hospital when he was born.

Lisa said...

Hey Leanne! I instantly recognised your layout! Stunning as usual! Im always drawn to your layouts as I think we share similar elements, white space and the ne third two thirds rule..... You def have a flying chance for sure! xx