Thursday, March 11, 2010


Have you ever had one of those days where your kids just seem so totally inattentive and it's an uphill battle just to get them to listen????? Well, I seemed to have hit one of those walls recently with Liam. Liam and his homework! *sigh*

He's a bright kid. And he normally just gets stuck right into his daily homework assignment as soon as he gets out of the car from the school pick-up. This one week in particular was a hard one to cope with... He had clearly made up his mind, that he just didn't want to learn.


Of course this tantrum came directly from following an amazing week of Grade Two, where he received 100% on his spelling test, extension words and number facts! Looking back on the whole struggle, I now realise he was starting to get sick and in all reality, he just wanted to be outside to play with his brother...

Never the less, I felt compelled to scrap it. That's what we do as scrappers, right? Scrap the good, the bad and the UGLY! LOL!

Journalling says: "please READ and do your homework. It's all I ask. It's not that it is hard. You certainly don't struggle to find the answers. You just prefer to be outside. Plain and simple..x"

I am glad to report now though, he is back to his normal chatty self. Happy to be annoyed by Mum and her on-the-spot spelling tests! hee hee..


Elise said...

I love doing on the spot spelling tests!!! Did one this morning on the way to school!
Glad he's feeling better now Leanne! Have a great weekend......x

Sheree said...

Oh Leanne...I hear you! Ayden's usually pretty good but now and then he's just not into it!

Glad you've got everything back to normal now...great layout too!

Sheree xx

Fran said...

I love that lo - perfect for that photo! AND it's got woodgrain *sigh* - what more could a girl want??LOL

Fran xx