Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Publishing trade...

I was very excited yesterday when Christine left me a little message to congratulate me on being published in Scrapbook Trends! Well... excited was an understatement ( I think I ran around a bit and jumped up and down - you know, as you do! hee hee..)

I promptly rang my hubby at work and ask/told (that's debatable) him to run-just-run! as fast as he could to the nearest news agency and grab a copy. I couldn't go and get one because all four of my kids are sick with a nasty virus. That and the extremely wet weather wasn't going to make me drag them out in the car just to get a magazine...(well, I could have got them to do it, but hey... hee hee!)

So I patiently waited for him to ring me back after he accepted this mission! LOL! He rings me from the news agency a little while later with an armful of magazines asking which ones I have at home. He then let me know that issue 76 of Scrapbook Creations was out too! Yay! That has my layout in it as part of the sketch feature... Now I was just bursting!

Again I was patiently waiting, this time for him to get home. Of course he was late.. *sigh*! And he decided he would tease me a bit. Typical male thing. I couldn't wait to have a little look at the mags.

The thing is, I didn't think my layout for Scrapbook Trends was going ahead. All they had asked for was a photo. Not a layout. Sooo, I just thought, when they didn't get back to me, they didn't want the layout anymore! I really didn't have the time to chase it up, my mum was pretty sick at the time and the magazines often change their minds.

So when I turned to page 14, I burst out laughing! It has to be the tiniest photo ever in a scrapbook mag! LOL! Hey at least I was published right...?!

And the good thing...(apart from the belly laugh), my layout in Scrapbook Creations made up for it. The sketch challenge is a full page! But the bonus is, I had a second layout published in SC too. First time published in a big way!

And if you are remotely interested after that little spiel, here are my layouts.

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Sheree said...

Oh a HUGE congrats to you Leanne!!! How exciting! I'll keep an eye out for all your projects!

Sheree xx

Heidi said...

Congratulations to you Leanne your work is very inspiring

Leanne J said...

oh oh oh.. i love them all.. i love your style ... so fresh and clean...

Nay and Gilly said...

Congrats, First time and was great LO's too! Gilly ox