Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crazy Roller Coaster Ride!...

Phew! I need to seriously put my feet up! LOL! Just getting through the last few weeks has been crazy! But in a *fun* crazy way! hee hee...

Especially with our young "Miss" turning 10 (and people constantly asking "if" I feel old yet...and me coming to the conclusion, that yes...I really do!!!) and her birthday arrangements - I'm a little bit over the cupcake thing now, having made several more batches for family parties and morning teas...you get the picture!

And realizing and embracing the emotional side of my only daughter turning 10, has me looking back and thinking, why has that time just flown by so quickly? I know it is cliche. How many times have we all said it? But when I grabbed her for a cuddle at precisely 8.30am yesterday morning (the time she was born, May 2000), it really hit home. It was ten years ago I first became a mother. It was ten years ago we saw each other and fell in love.

Tahlia had a lovely day. In fact, the only low-light was that she didn't want it to end! hee hee!

We started out with opening presents on the bed, lots of cuddles and a squabble or two for attention! We had to be moving quickly though because we were having a family picnic and needed to find a nice spot before the crowds got too busy (it was a public/bank holiday).

We settled for this one where there was plenty of room to run around, play a game of cricket and some swans to feed...

The boys loved the water (but weren't allowed to enter!) and the weather was perfect!

She made her wish and blew out candles...

All in all, a successful day! YAY!!

So...with yesterday's events over with (for another year), I can now focus on our upcoming adventure.... a three week camping trip to Alice Springs and Ayers Rock!! I will officially hit the PANIC button after this post! LOL!

But....in the meantime....I will share my exciting news! Check this out here!


I am a new Design Team member for Inspired Blueprints!! I'm so excited! This sketch blog is heaps of fun. I love how you can take an idea or sketch and truly make it your own!! I can't wait to participate in this forum! And I hope to see you all there.

Well, that's it for now. There is so much more going on behind the scenes here and I hope I can share some layouts and scrappy "stuff" very soon!

Thanks for visiting..xx


Christine said...

Happy Birthday sweetie! Glad you had a happy day!

A huge congrats on your DT position, how exciting!

Anonymous said...

love the photo of Tahlia making a wish, she looks so sweet! Now the fun REALLY begins hehehehe!!! Just joking! XX Jodie

Sheree said...

Looks like it was a picture perfect day for Tahlia's big celebration! Love the pics Leanne!

Hey congrats on your new DT spot...that's awesome!!!!

Sheree xx

Nay and Gilly said...

Great News so happy we're in the DT together! Gilly ox

Melanie H said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter Leanne, she really is a young lady now.

Love the photos you shared, sounds like a great day for all.

Congratulations on the Blueprints DT, I can't wait to see what you create for them.

Leanne J said...

so glad you had a great day.. and the pic of you and Tahlia is just gorgeous.. wow and what a fun day...

congrats on the dt.. yay..

and a super special thanks for your loving again..and yep Ivy and her collar bone its like WHAT NEXT.. but chin up and solder on... have been scrapping lately so its all helping..{only little bit at a time}... which usually isnt me i like to get them done really fast.. but anyway.
thanks for your lovin and happy days to you.
Love Leanne

Nicole said...

wow, mummy to a 10 year old :) it's sad enough being a mummy to an almost 5 year old. lol. sounds like a hectic few weeks chick....

YAY for your new DT possie too.

and as for being related, hmmmm to you have any Hannant's or Henderson's in your family????