Thursday, May 20, 2010

Project 365...

I'm still plugging away at this massive little picture at a time! LOL! And although I have a few to upload to my flickr site, I thought that I'd share today's.

We have recently had relatives visiting us from England and they often commented that they haven't seen much of the wildlife (kangaroos, koalas etc...). I kept telling them about this kookaburra who often visits our yard, and keeps coming back, even though our dog goes crazy every time he sees it.

Of course it never made an appearance in the three weeks they were here.

And yet, this he was, just sitting on the gate!


Sheree said...

Isn't that typical!? LOL Love the pic though!

Sheree xx

Fran said...

LOL - Murphy's Law! And we've got the opposite going on here - the kids are always saying that we could open up as a wildlife park - just yesterday driving down the driveway on the way to bus we saw about 25 roos, 3 emus and 2 bush turkeys!LOL (and the driveway is only 3km long...)