Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Woo HOO! I can finally share a full layout! It feels like it has been forever, but here's one from Inspired Blueprints....sketch #50.

Hhmmmm! I think I have a thing for this colour combo at the moment. LOL!

{He's a Human Vacuum}

j: now that he's mobile, all sorts of bits and pieces get sucked up into his mouth! We all need to be extra careful as to NOT dropping things on the Cam is ready to pounce.

Thanks for visiting..x


Shell said...

This is gorgeous Leanne and I love that colour combo too.

Jennifer Yates said...

Love your layout Leanne! Great job! :)

Sheree said...

LOL Love that title Leanne! Your layout is gorgeous as always!

S xx

Fran said...

I really love that LO!! And perfect title!lol

Fran xx

kathie said...

This is such a gorgeous layout Leanne! And so cosy warm looking in its color combo :)
I do remember those early days when jamie was crawling and would pick everything up. I don't think I've ever swept or vacuumed quite as much in my life before!