Sunday, June 6, 2010

Winter sun and bugs...

This term at school, Liam is studying mini-beasts. Fantastic, I tell you because he has had a fascination with the jumping, crawling, wriggling type for some time now. He is truly in his element (as most boys are, when it comes to spiders and insects!!!)

(warning! Cringe worthy layout about to appear!!!)

Yep. That's an old one. One of the first layouts I completed! LOL!..............cringe!!

Anyway....back to the story....

Have your kids ever come home with a note from class letting you know what they need to complete a project?? Have those "said" kids said to you, "Mum, I gave you a note about a WEEK ago, to let you know what I needed to build a bug catcher!!!" And did you reply with "WHAT???!!!! I beg to differ. Go and check your school, right NOW!"

And did the outcome of this scenario end up a little bit like this?.... "Muuuuuummmm! It's NOT heeeerrrrreeee! Oh! (*insert a long pause*) Sorry Mum. I thought I gave it to you. See Mum. It has a picture on it that I designed. So can you get me that stuff. Puh-Lease!"

Ggggrrrrrrrr! I am searching my stash for something that can be used as a net. Tulle, sewing machine, skewer - check. Something that can contain the mini-beasts BUT still lets them breathe. Take-away container, more tulle, rubber band - check.


Liam's only saving grace was at least his request wasn't in the morning on the way to school but the previous afternoon. And then *sigh*..... Of course, Ethan wanted a "butterfly" net to catch bugs with. So out comes the sewing machine etc. again....

And his only saving grace was.... that he let me take some photos! LOL!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes Liam always was a bug catcher from what I can remember. Great layout. I have been wondering about a little something for him when I come to Brisbane so you have given me a good idea
Love Mum

Sheree said...

Ahhh yes...we've had that happen at our place a few times too! LOL Absolutely love the photos Leanne!

Sheree xx

Mati said...

Great blog. If I may, I would like to inquire as to how you keep the sides of your blog from scrolling with the post? I have mastered pretty much everything else on my blogs except for that. Thanks

Samantha Hauzer said...

Hehehe, I can totally relate to that! My kids always leave it to the last possible minute to tell me things they need for school. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I have loved checking out your blog too, your layouts are gorgeous!

Sam xx

Jules said...

great photos .... and what a good mum! we have had very similar scenarios in this household to though i must admit ... usually with dd#2!! not a bad first scrapping effort too... i think i would feel physical pain at the thought of uploading some of mine!! :)

Leanne said...

Marti, I can't seem to link back to your page, but I don't think I can help you with the blog question. :)

It might just depend on your blogger template.