Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two words...

I am playing along with my friend Lusi and her fun way of documenting the here and now. I love this idea. It stops me from thinking too much and just getting it done. Two words. It's simple. Document in words and pictures.

{morning wake-up}

{exploring boy}

{garden flowers}

{healing bones}

{sporting achievements}

{simple fun}

{our family}

Thanks for visiting...x


Karen Shady said...

beautiful photos Leanne.... and I LOVE your little family statues. where did you get them ?? CONGRATULATIONS auntie Leanne xx

lusi said...

I LOVE what you shared - thanks for joining in Leanne! How sweet are those little those Willow Tree figurines. So beautiful!!!
Lus x

Kerryn said...

Gorgeous photos Leanne!

Melanie H said...

What a wonderful idea and I love your photos.

The Wollow Tree figurines are gorgeous.

Sarah Slaven said...

I love your photo's you have a beautiful family

Sheree said...

Love your pics Leanne and those family figurines are so beautiful!!!

S xx

Leanne J said...

wow these are awesome photos.. yay.. and what a great way to document whats happening... lots of love an sugar.

Jules said...

hey leanne ... love this everyday documentation ... just awesome... and those figurines are so devine.. :) Jx