Saturday, September 18, 2010

The grass grows quickly...

Who said mowing the grass is fun and exciting? Hhmmm... Don't know. But this kid might be on the list of those who do. She has today discovered an outdoor chore she likes to do! Whoa!! Hold the phone!!! Likes. To. Do?????

That's right. Mark has recently let her take baby steps and has taught her how to drive the ride-on. She is a quick learner and let's face it. It's not a very hard thing to do. Forward. Back. Avoid the trees! Besides, the blades aren't rotating while she is on it.

So I guess the question is, why is Liam on the back of the seat? Is he getting a free ride? No. He is doing an important job!! LOL!! She doesn't have enough weight on her to keep the mower's engine running. This ride-on has a built in safety feature where if there is no weight on the seat, the engine automatically cuts out. The two of them combined works well! She reaches the pedals and steers. He holds on and provides some extra kilos!!

She did have a lot of fun and I'm sure Tahlia will be putting her hand up to do this again. Hhhhmmm! This has me wondering though. Is my husband trying to get out of doing yard work??


Anonymous said...

Yes mmmm maybe Mark is trying to get out of some work???? Good try but I think Tahlia is a little young yet. Great snaps of the kids though. Dad liked this one

Karen Shady said...

the fact that she needs her bfor weight is toooo funny !! What a clever kid. My kids think that mowing our lawn is the absolute best job ever too.... ( we have a ride on also ) I LOVE your "how far is adventure" layout... stunning. Im hoping to get myself organised to call in to you facebook page later today.... have a great weekend xx

Sheree said...

I've just been catching up on your last few posts...wowee Leanne! Loads of gorgeous projects!!!! Great pics in this post grown up Tahlia must feel riding around like that! My boys would think that's SO much fun!

Sheree xx