Monday, March 21, 2011


Forgive me for not up-dating for a few days! LOL!! I'm still recovering from sleep-over-never-want-to do-this-again-ess!! hee hee!

A few people have asked me how it all went on Friday night. Well.....for the most part... The boys were really well behaved and for once, they actually didn't have any MAJOR disagreements! I couldn't ask for much more. But having two little boys and four big boys running around inside the house, due to nasty weather, well.... that just leaves it open for having a trail of destruction! ha!

And let's not forget the amount of food they consume! WOW! LOL!

Funny thing though... As soon as I picked the kids up from school on Friday afternoon, they started to negotiate with me about the ideal bedtime. I started the opening bid on a joking note, telling them that 6pm sounded good to me! LOL! They promptly followed up with a bid for an 8pm bedtime! hee hee! I promptly gave in and let them win! bwahaaaa! Well.... It wasn't going to get better that that! hee hee! The reality though - they were all fast asleep by 9.30pm! The down side....They were all up really early! 5am is too early right???? LOL!!!

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Jules said...

hehe .. too funny leanne!! that all looks so familiar!! most weekends i either lose one one or gain one or two thanks to 'the sleepover' ... as they get older i figure i'd much rather they were all under my roof entertaining friends, so that i know what's going on!! the mess {and the subsequent grocery bill} is unfortunately the price we pay!! LOL... x

Suz said...

I so can relate to house full of boys and the havoc they can wreak on both the house and the fridge! We just finished with our spring break/holiday from school. The boys had friends over off and on all week-with sleepovers. They all got along great, but as you said, the aftermath is scary! (My sink is finally clean and the laundry is done. Yay! Maybe now I can steal a few minutes to scrap! ;)
Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving those kind words about my layouts. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to halfway round the world! :)
Take care you,

Anonymous said...

um yeah...exactly what Jules said :)

Leanne said...

LOL!! So funny guys. I totally agree with you Jules...x