Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Reminder...

Just a little reminder that tomorrow Scrapboxx will be having their Cyber Crop!! Woo Hoo!! And it is going to be fabulous. Check this out...... (just in case you needed the details!)

The hints and sneaks are starting to appear in the forum so get over there right now and do yourself a favour! hee hee... I know you want to... *wink, wink* Here's a little insight to what I'm challenging you to create...

No. I'm not asking you to go out onto your street and get the neighbourhood involved! And I'm certainly not asking you to start up a street party. But.... that could be fun!! So what am I asking you to do? Get over to the Boxx tomorrow night and find out! LOL!! I hope you can come..x


I also want to thank each and everyone of you all for your lovely, heartwarming comments on my previous post. I'm so glad I can be a source of inspiration and make some of you giggle! (Thx Lisa! LOL!) I do enjoy writing this blog and to have this opportunity to document our journey - good or bad - between the scrapping, is soul searching. So I guess I do it as much for me, as I do for family and friends!

So thank you. For taking the time to leave some love.

The giveaway is now closed and I will do a random draw for a winner next week. (I'm going away tomorrow for a long weekend.) I promise not to keep you waiting....x Thanks for visiting.

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