Saturday, September 10, 2011

Create + Share...

Woohoo!!  I am thrilled to share some of my latest publication news!  I was casually flipping through Scrapbooking Memories this morning, knowing I had a layout in there somewhere (thanks to BB for letting me know through FB! LOL!).

What I didn't know is... I didn't have just one layout featured but three throughout the whole magazine!! *Sorry* Just doing a little happy dance! LOL! I don't sub very often and was genuinely surprised to see each LO.  These layouts had been photographed by SM months ago!

The first layout was featured in the "Top 10 style trends" on pg 62.  It was described as shabby chic.

[Be Brave]

The second was in the "clean and simple" gallery, pg 68.

[Rain Dance]

And finally, one of my all time faves, featured in the "spooks and ghouls" gallery, pg107.

[Monster Bash]

So... three of my kids were pleased to see themselves in a magazine today.  Cam... He wasn't bothered!! LOL!  And of course Tahlia had to rub it in to her brothers, that she was featured twice...sheesh!!

So that's my little share. Thanks for visiting...x


Alanna said...

Congratulations Leanne!! I love your Rain Dance LO - the design is awesome!

Her Essential Hand said...

super awesome striking pages! Cant wait to get my sub to check them out in print.
Lol at your daughter rubbing it in to her brothers.
Hope your having a nice weekend x

Sheree said...

What a wonderful surprise Leanne! They're all fabulous pages...and I love that the kids were all so excited about being featured too. :)

Sheree xx

Christine said...

They all look amazing, I love seeing your beautiful work in there!

Kim said...

HUGE woot woot Leanne, the y look fab in the mag!