Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Liam!

We are so proud of our big boy!! 

Today, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, 2011, he turns nine years old!  He thinks he may have a very lucky day today!  And I think he may be right.  After all... this week has been very good to him already - in a non-birthday related way!  Goodness knows what adventures and opportunities will open up for him in the coming year!

Earlier this week Liam received the coveted school award "Aussie of the Month".  Wow!  Two brothers have been given this award in the four short months it has been in operation! They are the only siblings thus far to share the award.  A huge achievement in a school of 1200+ kids!  And for the month of November, Liam was THE only boy on stage!  Even the school Principal told him (and everyone else) on parade, that Liam was having a fantastic week! ;)

We are so blessed to have this young man in our lives.  We love you very much Liam.....x


Kerryn said...

Happy birthday to your Liam. It sounds like he is having a very special week. I hope he enjoys his day :).

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Liam for yesterday. You did have a great week at school. Congratulations on Aussie of the month award too. Awsome photos.
Love Nanny.

Sheree said...

What a great acheivement!!! No wonder you're such a proud Mum!!

Sheree xx