Monday, November 7, 2011

Kids in kayaks...

Hello Friends.  I just wanted to share a few family shots from  the week-end.  We went away camping, for two nights out at Wivenhoe and wet the kids kayaks for the first time! 

We only purchased two kid sized kayaks (they carry up to 60kg).  Tahlia and Liam were ecstatic when they were brought home and promptly named them after holidays or significant dates from the months they were born in.  Liam's birthday is this Friday.  Remembrance Day.  Hence naming his "boat" Remembrance.

Tahlia's birthday is in May.  And maybe a little more thought should have gone into it but....  her "boat" is called..... MayDay!!!!  LOL!

And.... Because we only purchased two... we now think we will have issues the very next time we hit the water.

We didn't get one for Ethan.  He is terrified of the water.  He usually will only go so far as to get his feet wet.  It seems he has a lot more confidence than we gave him credit for... We are very proud of him for trying something new. :)  And he is very good at kayaking too!!

So the three older kids had a fabulous time on the water.  And when they weren't floating around on the "boats", they spent most of their time floating and playing in the water!

Cam too...  although his style is a little more sedate... :)

It always feels too short when we go away for a week-end.  :)  Plans are already in the works for a longer and more leisurely holiday in the near future.  The very near future if my hubby has anything to say about it! LOL! 

But of course after going away camping there's always the inevitable pile of laundry waiting to be decontaminated!  sigh... I guess someone has to do the dirty work.... SIGH!  hee hee..

And lastly... before I sign off, I have to give credit to our VERY good friends, Cindy & Calvin (but mostly Calvin!!!) for finding this wonderful camping spot.  

Happy now, Cal?  LOL!

**edited - okay... so Calvin ALSO needs credit for this week-end retreat too.  LOL! Men!!!  Are they ever happy??! LOL! **

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Kim said...

You are soooooo much more braver than me Leanne!

Jules said...

oh wow!! that looks so similar to our weekend leanne! lol ... apart from the kayaks, although I was suggesting to Troy that we should buy a couple for our next trip! I see you didn't get on the other side of the camera either... hehee. I've just hung my sixth load of washing out now!! {sigh} xx

Gail L said...

Ha ha ha! I had a giggle at calling it "May Day" !

Kerryn said...

Looks like alot of fun had by all. I hear you on the weekend thing though, it just goes too quickly.