Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Daily (part 2)...

Hello Friends and Hello December!  I know I have had a really busy start to the month already, but hopefully it will all just add to the experience of my journey with my December Daily!

Today I wanted to share with you the first few pages.. (sorry about the bad light.. it looks like we may be in for another wet Christmas in Queensland, again this year! rain, rain and more rain! =D )

Day one:

journaling: Oh what a delight it was to see the expressions on the faces of the kids when I picked them up from school... Nanny had come for a special trip to surprise the kids and to see Tahlia's ballet concert.  We had planned the surprise right down to Mum holding her phone camera in her hand just as we arrived @ the school gate.  Their squeals were priceless!!

(photo taken by Mum on her phone)

Day two:

journaling: Finally the tree came out from its hiding place and the kids got to decorate with gusto!  Cam joined in for the first time and constantly placed baubles on the same branch.  He certainly loved decorating and we let him place the star.

Day three:

journaling: Our beautiful ballerina shone on stage! She was so magnificent to watch... her smile... wow!  This year Tahlia was involved in 2 performances - matinee and evening.  Cindy and I volunteered backstage for the matinee and watched in awe with our families, the evening show.  The first ballet "Blue Danube" blew the audience away!  It was amazing... created in only 5 weeks..x

Day four:

journaling: Today was a good day.  The kids got to spend some quality time with Nanny.  They went to the movies to watch "Puss in Boots"and got to eat plenty of lollies and popcorn!!!  They all spent some more time shopping and making Christmas lists together...  All their planning and plotting will make for some fun in the near future.  I am so glad that they get to spend good times together.  Christmas will be fun..x

So this is the start of my DD.  Just keeping it simple and manageable.. (hopefully! LOL!)  Thanks for visiting..x


Jules said...

Looks fantastic leanne! great format and your pics look awesome as always.. :) x

Kim Ewins said...

So glad you used the shot of the kiddies heading out of school that you mum look do the other pages...x
Can't wait to see more...thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

THis looks fabulous so far , I hope you can keep it up I would not have a hope of keeping up LOL, bring it Friday so I can get a closer look!

WendyMac said...

Oh Leanne your December Daily pages are just so inspiring and so full of love and awesome journalling. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring me! Have a lovely day. x

Unknown said...

Beautiful work and this will be great to look back on! :))xx

Lizzy Hill said...

This makes me wish I had kids again ~ now I know what these little books are popping up all over the place for December. This is just GREAT, Leanne:)

Her Essential Hand said...

loving your DD album.. I must start adding my photos.. ho hum ho..

Kerryn said...

oh you are such a good girl! It's looking fabulous, so many special memories in there already :).

Suz said...

You are doing a fab job on your DD Leanne. Love the surprise at the school and your mom with the kiddos! Here's wishing for no more rain your way.