Monday, December 19, 2011

December Daily (part 3)...

I guess it is time to play catch up!  LOL!!  As I said earlier in the week, I have been moving along with this little (massive!!) project! hee hee.. I am also very glad to have kept it simple.  I find that the management of it has been really easy.... this time around.  I am even going as far to say... ahem... I might continue this tradition in years to come! YAY!  

Day five:

journaling:  Gift wrapping is usually the last thing on my mind at Christmas...sure it is an essential part of the fun for the kids but I always seem to leave it until Xmas eve.  This year I started early.. and boy does it feel good to be so organized!  It may be the start of a new tradition! lol..x

Day six:

journaling: Today is gold pass and for the kids it means a great day!  Both Tahlia and Liam have been level one behaviour all year and for this they get rewarded with a trip to swimming parks... "Wet N Wild" on the Gold Coast for Tahlia which goes from 7am - 7pm!!  "Burpengary Aquatic Centre" for Liam: 9-3.  But today he has fallen sick.. :(  He is staying home instead.  Unfortunately for Ethan, prep doesn't participate in gold pass.  Next year buddy!  And you will have a great time..x

Day seven:

For this page I've added a Thank-you card from Ethan's teacher.  This card also allowed me to add extra photos for day seven.

journaling:  Today, teachers' gifts were carefully carried into class and handed over.  This year instead of 3 gifts, a total of 5 were given out.  Liam and Ethan both had 2 teachers this year.  As an extra bonus, the kids also got to juggle Christmas/end of year break up party snacks.  Lots of reindeer and melted snowmen to be eaten...x

Day eight:

journaling: Today I am grateful for my children having wonderful teachers who have guided them throughout 2011 and encouraged each and everyone of my kids to love learning.  Today was their last day @ school.

Day nine:

journaling:  Today: We celebrated the town's "Christmas Under the Stars" festival..  This year was the 1st time we have attended.  We walked thru the new library and cultural center and waited nearly 45 mins in line for a free balloon!!!

Day ten:

This page was created with a flyer that came in the mail.  I do have a photo of the storm that came across that afternoon but I still chose to use the flyer.  After all, it has an awesome lightening strike and it really says it all about the Summer weather we have been having lately.  :D

journaling: Today: we had Australia's version of a white Christmas! Plenty of hail stones in a late afternoon thunder storm...  This season the weather is very wet once again.  So far, not a lot of sunshine...

Day eleven:

I still need to journal on this page but it will be about putting the decorations up around the house.

Day twelve:

I haven't written on this page either, but I know the words will come directly from this blog post! ;)

journaling: These little elves are an apology gift from the store that destroyed our original Santa photos last year!   Cam loves them.  He is always walking around with both of them tucked up under his arms.  I even found one of them sitting in a "Barbie" horse carriage this morning!  LOL!  I don't think I will pack them up in boxes this year after Christmas.  He is having too much fun with them...x

Day thirteen:

journaling: Dear Santa, today we are working out the "naughty" and "nice"list.  For the majority of it, the kids have been good but I still have to deal with squabbles!..x

Day fourteen:

journaling: Today we celebrated Grandma's birthday.  Pool party & lots of yummy treats.  Happy Birthday!

Day fifteen:

journaling: Today we went searching for the winning entries in the Xmas lights displays!  Our local area didn't have as many entries this year - probably because of the wet conditions lately.  We did however, find some fabulous participants including one with a train ride and snow machine!!


So that is where I am up to.  I'm not completely on top of it! hahaha!  But every time I go to update on my blog, I find that I am ultimately a few days behind whatever! hee hee... oh well...  Thanks for visiting...x


Lizzy Hill said...

This is just amazing & a wonderful 'memory' to have - & I'm sure you'll keep it up & get it finished, since you've come so far. Really, really great.... merrry Chrissy to you & yours:):)

Kerryn said...

It's looking fabulous Leanne! I'm loving the small format that you have created it in.

Стокли said...

Beautiful album for family memories!

WendyMac said...

Leanne I just love your December Daily - so full of great memories documented and awesome inspiration! Congrats on the cover - Wow that's so cool!! (and well deserved). Have a most wonderful christmas with your beautiful family. Hugs Wendy. x