Wednesday, May 23, 2012

52 photos...week ?!?

Oh dear.  I have simply let this get away on me again.  So rather than go waaaaay back into my photo files, I am just going to start fresh.  hee..

For everyone who is not familiar with my quest, I am trying to document more.  I have been attempting to tell at least one story from the past week, every week.  I guess it is my way of fumbling through Project Life. Ha!  As you can tell, I am no longer fumbling.  hee.. I have clearly dropped the ball!  

So in an effort to get back into documenting the bits and pieces that happen around here  I'll start with this exciting news.... Aussie of the Month!

week 20

Yay Ethan!!  Some of you may remember this...  Mr Smarty-pants was one of the first recipients to be awarded Aussie of the Month in its introductory year - which really was less than 12 months ago (August, 2011).  Here is a little background behind the award...

Every week sees students being awarded on Parade by their teachers and peers, by receiving accolades and praise. Every month, one student from each class gets chosen by their teacher to get "The Student of the Month" award. But the school has just introduced a new incentive for the kids to strive towards....

Only four students from the junior school and four students from the senior school are awarded. Eight in total out of those 1300 kids. These kids are not chosen by their "biased" teachers (LOL!), but rather nominated by them. The school Principal has the final say.
The awards are nominated based partly on courtesy, not necessarily academic achievements, being a good sport and of course behavior levels.
Last week, Ethan was awarded it for the second time!  OMGosh!  I am so proud of him.  When I got the phone call from the school I was actually driving at the time so Tahlia answered my phone.  At my end, all I heard from Tahls, was.. "a-huh.  yep.  okay.  I'll let her know. thanks.  bye."  And she continued reading her book.  me: ?  (don't you just love it when the kids answer the phone?!  LOL!)
"Oh.  That was the school, mum.  They want you to go to the office when you get there..."  me:?
"I don't know.  She didn't say."  me: !!  Grrr..  LOL!
So, by the time I got to the school and found myself at the school office, I really didn't know what to expect.  :)  When they told me Ethan was being awarded Aussie of the Month again, I was quite surprised!  Not that he doesn't deserve it, but more because it is a new concept, and the school is so very large.  I just thought they might want to spread the love around a bit.  IYKWIM... 
I was grinning from ear to ear (proud mama moment and all..) when I turned around from the office window and made an instant decision.  Ethan didn't know about it and I wanted it to be a surprise for him.
Later that afternoon he stood proudly on the stage and accepted his award and badge.  A big grin on his face too.  He was the smallest kid up there!  And he kept waving to me the whole time!  hahaha!  Too cute.
I'll leave you with the words his Year One teacher used to nominate him...
"Ethan is respectful of teachers and students alike.  His manners are impeccable and he is polite and confident.  Ethan displays pride in his school and in himself through his conscientious attitude for learning."
sigh.  Did I mention I am so proud of my boy... :)  Thanks for visiting..x


miss jane said...

That is just so totally awesome! Well done to you too proud Mum for raising such a beautiful boy ;)
Had me laughing out loud at the phone call - too true!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Awwww shucks! You deserve to be a very proud Mum:):):) Well done Ethan:):)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful News Ethan, you a such a beautiful boy whose Nanny is so very proud of you. I can understand why you were chosen.

kate blue said...

awesome surprise....but twice???? how do you top that? We have something like that here in the elementary schools called the Principal's Award and my daughter recd it (along with a limo ride and lunch with the Principal ) wwwayyy back in first grade when I wasn't a scrapper~it it so much to be proud of!!!! Congrats!Shows that you both are doing fine jobs.

Kim said...

Yeah YEah go Nathan!