Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week In The Life | Friday, Saturday...

Hello Friends.  No I didn't suddenly give up.  Life just got more busy.  Busier than my regular schedule?  You could say that!  sigh...

Here are my words & pictures...

Cam has decided he can do back flips...

guest bedroom ready..

cleaning. sweeping. mopping..

birthday gift wrapping..
she's here!..
ice-cream treat..

Friday: 6.10am | wake up. 6.15am | chase boys away from morning tv & start encouraging them to get ready for school.  breakfast for the boys.  point them in the direction of their school uniforms.  6.20 am | wake Tahlia.  she gets dressed in "free dress" day.  goes to school dressed as a ballerina.  theme for the day - when I grow up I want to be... 6.30am | shower. 6.40 am | Mark goes to work. 7.10am | coffee. 7.25am | tie up shoe laces, pack school lunches, find a hat for Cam.  7.30am | out the door to catch the school bus.  7.40am | take photo of Tahlia at bus stop. 7.45am | bus arrives and leaves without a passenger. 7.47am | walk back home with Cameron & Amber.  8.10am | fruit salad for Cam. breakfast for me.  8.20am | check emails & blog. 8.45am | spend the next several hours Spring cleaning kitchen. sweeping & mopping floors. vacuuming. getting guest room ready for the arrival of my mother. washing clothes. folding clothes. ironing clothes. entertaining Cameron. 11.30am | lunch for Cam.  12.20pm | wrapping birthday present. more cleaning. bathroom. back room. 3.10pm | kids arrive home from school. asking a million times, when does Nanny get here?  3.30pm | afternoon tea.  catch up on the school day events. 4pm | text from Mark saying they will arrive home at 6. Liam has computer time. 5.30pm | final clean up & start cooking dinner.  6pm | Nanny arrives home with Mark.  travelled via train from the city.  6.30pm | eat & catch up over dinner. 7.30pm | go to Baskin & Robbins for ice-cream treat. 8pm | go home & settle in for a family movie night. Epic. Cam falls asleep on the floor. 10pm | goodnight.
birthday party..

birthday party guests..



treasure hunt..

dance concert photo shoot..
Lennon Bros circus..

Saturday: 6.30am | wake up. shower. breakfast for the kids. 7am | charge camera battery. 7.30 am | make sure everyone has shoes on. hats and sunscreen. 8.15am | leave to go to birthday party. 8am | call into grocery shop on the way to party for extra supplies. 9am | arrive at Bullocky's Rest for birthday party. help set up the tables. visit the swans on the dam. 9.30am | birthday girl arrives. 10.30am | games & treasure hunt. 11am | lunch & cake. 12.30pm | leave party to get home in time for Tahlia to shower. change into dance costumes & apply make up. 1.15pm | leave home to go to dance studio. 1.30pm | arrive at dance studio & redo Tahlia's hair.  give a hair tutorial to the other mothers in waiting room. find a spare pair of tights to replace the holey ones Tahlia brought with her in her hurry. sign up for Tahlia to have individual photos taken. 2.30pm | leave Tahlia at dance studio & go with Mum & Cindy to the shops. 3.45pm | arrive back at dance studio to collect the girls.  go home. 4.15pm | get boys & Tahlia ready to go to circus. Mark drives down to local take away to grab some chips & gravy for dinner. 5.15pm | go to the circus. ride on dodgem cars. pat the ponies. 6pm | enter the circus tent.  first row elevated seats. awesome!. enjoy the greatest show on earth.  9.15pm | go home. a million thanks to Nanny for the wonderful circus surprise. 9.30pm | kids to bed & an early bedtime for me.



Lizzy Hill said...

I reckon you've done AMAZINGLY well to do as much as you have:):) Great photos!!!! PL will be FULL!!!!!!

Lizzyc said...

Lovely photos, life sure is busy everywhere!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

*phew* you have been busy!! GORGEOUS photos!! Loving them!!! Can't wait to see them scrapped!!!

Kerryn said...

You're such a good girl with all your photos! My week in the life might consist of a photo... if I'm lucky!

Kelly said...

Great photos!