Friday, April 18, 2014


Have you noticed my absence once again? LOL!  You may well have guessed that it once again school holidays here and we are about to celebrate Easter.  I have a number of shares to catch you up on but as you can imagine, I am slightly overwhelmed with everyday life right now.

These school holidays we travelled 15 hours North, in the car, with four children, non-stop. Crazy? Definitely. But worth it? Maybe.. LOL!

While we were visiting my home town, we got caught up in Tropical Cyclone Ita.  A category 4 storm that hit the North Queensland coast.  We were lucky enough to be inland and not in the direct path but of course we still received the rain and winds.

What my kids enjoyed most was spending time with their grandmother and reuniting with their cousins!  Of course I also got to drag them all over the country town I went to high school in and showed them a few of the local haunts!


So while I am wading through the multiple piles of washing and unpacking our suit cases, please head on over to Sassy Scrappers and check out my PL spreads for Week 10....
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Lizzy Hill said...

Looks like a fab time away...wonderful pics - you really captured that Aussie country 'flavour':):):)

Lizzyc said...

So glad you were ok in the cyclone. Great photos, fantastic p.L. Too. Happy Easter!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Glad you were ok in the cyclone!! LOVING the photos from your vacay! GORGEOUS!!!!

Miss Jane said...

I have to ask...How do you take such AMAZING photos??? Just gorgeous & really capture the feel..Jx