Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bella Blvd | Free for All...

Hello Friends!  Sorry for the lack of blogging lately.  I've been neither here nor there and ultimately just plain busy with everyday stuff.  Of course it doesn't help when the kids are sick right along side of hubby.  Someone has to pick up the slack right?! LOL!

Anyway... Over on the Bella Blvd blog recently I shared this PL2015 spread. I broke out the gorgeous Illustrated Faith | Whatever is Lovely collection and decided I could use it on my pages to help me document.

I keep saying how versatile any of the Bella Blvd collections are, and truly it really is applicable.  Who thought I could add a Bible Journaling product to PL spreads, mostly about my boys and their hockey??!! *grin*

Of course, I've mixed in other collections too - such as Family Frenzy, but predominately, most product is from Whatever is Lovely.

If you want to catch up on my thought process, please head on over to the Bella blog here.  Thanks for visiting today...x


VERO The Sahm said...

Always love how you create your differents layouts for your PL. Great inspiration for me ! Thanks for sharing another nice week !!

Lizzy Hill said...

Love your PL....always looks so 'clean' & neat..... the colours are lovely too... hope you have a less busy month coming up....yeah, can live in hope, right??!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1