Sunday, August 17, 2008


I have been doing some serious spring cleaning this weekend. I am tired of tripping over the kids toys that they don't bother to tidy away. So...several garbage bags of small "happy meal" toys later, I feel that I have progressed. A lot of stuff is yet to find its way to new homes, but at least I have it ready to go.

Among the madness of frantic cleaning (frantic, for no reason other than I wanted it over and done with before the hay-fever drove me insane), I managed to do a little scrapping. I had recently found some studio photos of Tahlia and Liam, that were taken in 2004. So, this was a good enough reason, for me, to stop what I was doing and take a break.

I found that "admit one" ticket while cleaning up too. Lol!

The next layout is part of the current Weekly Challenge at The Boxx. It had to be a layout which included a picture of yourself and seven facts, good or bad, about you.

This one was really hard for me to complete. I have never created a layout about myself before, but that in itself was the challenge. I'm reasonably happy with the way this one turned out. I especially like the letter "L" shape behind the pic. And what is this thing I have for buttons at the moment? I seem to put them on every layout I create at the moment. Lol!

Thanks for looking.


Leanne said...

reat layouts Leanne. I love the admit one ticket, suits perfectly

Leanne Love

Sheree said...

Hi Leanne! Love these awesome layouts! And hey... you can never have too many buttons right? Both layouts look fantastic!

Sheree xx
PS. Don't you hate those happy meal toys?! I'm always finding them everywhere...get rid of 'em I say!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of you and beautiful scrapbboking
Love Mum

helen karanfilovski said...

Oh, I hate them too - those Happy Meal toys build up so fast.... and it's so true - a bag full later and there is a huge difference....
FANTASTIC layouts Leanne!!! And buttons - I think I have a million of them - lol!!!!!

Nic said...

Gorgeous layouts... I love buttons too!!!

Lorraine said...

Ah, these photos of Tahlia and Liam take me back!

The layout of yourself is lovely.

Please could you tell me the words - unless they're too personal - as I couldn't make them out?

Thanks, Leanne!