Thursday, August 7, 2008

Relax and enjoy...

Oh, to relax in the sun, among the flowers and watch the clouds float by...

And while your at it, you may as well have chocolate! Here's the recipe for the chocolate mousse Mark made. Four ingredients and a little bit of can't go wrong!

Chocolate Mousse from Women's Weekly Old-Fashion Desserts

200g dark eating chocolate

300ml thickened cream

3 eggs, separated

2 tbls caster sugar

step 1. Break off and reserve 1 row of chocolate to make decorative shavings (or use maltesers like we did)

step2. Chop remaining chocolate coarsely then combine it with half the cream in large heatproof bowl. Place bowl over saucepan of simmering water & stir until chocolate has melted. Cool chocolate for 5mins then quickly stir in egg yolks, 1 at a time.

step 3. Beat egg whites in small bowl on high speed with electric mixer until soft peaks form; add sugar, beat until dissolved. Gently fold whites, in two batches, into chocolate mixture; pour mixture into serving glasses/bowls. Refrigerate 3 hours or overnight.

step 4. Whip remaining cream until soft peaks form. Make chocolate shavings and add to each mousse serving!

Enjoy and let me know if you like it!!


Belinda Venables said...

What a sweet relaxing picture!

Oohh - gotta have chocolate...thanks for that! :D


Anonymous said...

There'll be people all over the world making the same dessert now!

Thank you for the recipe.

Now, do I try it myself, or do I wait until Mark makes it for me one day...?!

Love L. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Le,
Great pictures, I wished I could be as relaxed as Ethan. I am going to T'ville tomorrow for inservice. Will make the chocolate on the weekend - looks yummie. Will ring you tomorrow night
Love Mum