Thursday, October 9, 2008

A lovely surprise...

A dear friend of mine, (met through my hubby, but I have stolen her!), has sent me a very nice surprise in the mail. I love "happy mail" and especially the kind that comes from England!!!

Seeing as how my "family" blog has gone very scrappy... Lorraine very kindly sent me this....

Her SIL Angie is on the design team for this magazine and right in the middle of it, is a layout featuring Lorraine on her wedding day.

It was so lovely to get this in the post Lorraine. A very nice surprise indeed, so thank-you for thinking of me. Mark quite enjoyed seeing it too! And I have since devoured every page in the mag! Lol! Miss you. xx


Leanne said...

Ohhh lucky you. That was such a lovely thing for your friend to do. That is a great mag too. I have seen it a couple of times at the newsagents.


Lorraine said...

And this was a surprise for me too - to see a picture of myself on your blog!!

You're very welcome, Leanne. I'm glad that you enjoyed the magazine, and that it came as a nice surprise.

I'm reading your blog bright and early today - I still check in to read it every day - and I'm amazed that you manage to update it almost daily.

Lots of love to all of you. I know that I've said it lots of times before, but I miss you too.

L. xx

angie said...

Oooh Leanne... that is so sweet!
So sweet of Lorraine to think of you and send you a copy like that, just reminds you of what a lovely and thoughtful person she is, doesn't it?
And so lovely for me to see one of my pages being showed on another blog.
You've made my day seeing this here.

Kathleen said...

Oh what a lovely surprise! What a thoughtful friend you have :)