Thursday, October 23, 2008

Science Centre...

Today, I was crazy enough to volunteer for the annual Grade Three excursion to the Science Centre! Crazy certainly seems to be a fitting word. With a bus load of children, loud enough to let the Centre know we were coming, ... from 50km away, we started toward the city.
One hour later (and one thumping headache), we arrived to find the Science Centre already packed to the rafters with another school. This was all good except for the rushing around from one display to the next... and then being pushed out the doors by friendly but efficient Science Centre staff, two hours after we arrived. I think I should of snuck out of excursion duties, and headed next door to the Craft Fair! Lol!

Anyway, Tahlia and I had a good time regardless. We had some Mother/Daughter time with eight other young ladies from her class!

This is what we got up too. I can't show everything because I'd have to show the faces of other children. And I don't like doing that without their parents' consent.

This was one of my favourite things. I think these are sooo cool!

Tahlia had a go at riding the bike and seeing how the skeleton works while doing it. You can see (very faintly) the skeleton in the glass box beside her.

She also liked the illusions area. A lot of the kids had heaps of fun in this section.

And then of coarse there was lunch outside...

After this big day, I wonder if we might have been better off across the road, at the Craft Fair. I'm pretty sure I know where I wished I could have been! I'm sure nobody would have missed one little group of children....

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