Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sporty week..

What a busy way to start back at school for Term Two... Tahlia and Liam both ran in their cross-country races last week and hockey is back in full swing. And of course me, having a severe case of "baby brain"... (you know what I mean - very disturbed sleep and all the brain cells I have left, being sucked right out!!!) ...forgot to take the camera! I know! Me. Who normally has the camera attached to the hip in case something remotely interesting, may (or may not) happen, but you take it anyway... So I have a photo of Miss T running her race...

But unfortunately not Liam. They ran on different days. This will happen a lot now that Tahlia has moved up into the middle school. Two lots of sports days, swimming carnivals and the such... Can you tell from the above pic that she was very reluctant to even go to school on this day? Or that she soooo badly wanted to get out of the cross-country because it meant running 1500kms! (heee - she meant 1.5kms!) She told me afterwards that she was going to even paint her face with suspicious red dots to even prevent going to school! I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have worked out for the enterprising student wanting to dodge some exercise!!!

Of course, me, being the tough, no-nonsense, type mother(!) wasn't letting her get away with staying at home, just because she had a sporting activity happening at school. And besides, I told her she was better off just running and getting it over with! :)

And just look at that face. If she could blow me a kiss in the middle of a 1500km run, things couldn't be THAT bad!

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Sheree said...

LOL! I can't believe she's blowing you a kiss in the middle of the race?! She's making it look too easy! :) Great pics Leanne!

Sheree xx