Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Woo Hoo! Intrepid campers return...

That's right folks! We survived another bout of camping (with the neighbours) and without too many dramas... Well, if you call some minor, localised flooding, a totally unrelated drama...

...because the weather was going to be fine! (Right, Liz?!). We had enough supplies with us to last, maybe a week.... Considering we were away for the weekend only! And this road was the only way in... hence, the only way out! But we would be alright! After all, what good are 4WD's if you are not going to use them!!! LOL!

Okay, admittedly we may have freaked out a little at this point. Fast flowing creeks and young children don't always mix well together!

But we were in a beautiful area, within an hour of where we live, and we were looking forward to our weekend before us.
The kids had a fantastic time, slipping and sliding in the mud (...you should have seen the washing I had to go through!) and obtaining the basic freedom that allows them to feel safe in an open area. Let's face it, with approximately 12 weeks to go before baby #4 comes along, I wasn't exactly up for the challenge of chasing them down every five minutes to make sure they were all still okay!

We really did have a lovely time, testing out our new camper trailer, despite the rain! Great friends, great camping spot and a great weekend.

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Sheree said...

Hi Leanne! So glad you all had a great time this time around... well apart from the rain and the flooding! LOL Great pics...looks like a beautiful, peaceful spot!

Sheree xx