Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Aaahhh! Snakes everywhere...

Part 2

Our littlest camper was amazing. He loves being outdoors and watching everything moving...the leaves in the trees, ....the birds flying about, ....the kids playing nearby. He was a dream to have with us. And it helped that all that fresh air helped him, well.... sleep like a baby! He slept through both nights. I wish I could have done the same thing. I kept waking to check on him because he was so quiet! LOL!!!

The kids had a great time riding their bikes on the BMX tracks and around the campsite in general. Liam finally built up the courage to actually start riding his bike for the first time since Tahlia fell from hers on our very first camping trip.

But it wasn't long before they wanted to go down to the creek again. As it was our last day, we complied with one exception. We were going to go to the other waterhole this time and hopefully we wouldn't see any snakes there.... We were sooo wrong! As we started to walk towards the water, Liz calmly watched a Brown snake cross her path. We hadn't even left camp yet! Let's drive instead, shall we!

At the creek, the boats became a big hit. The kids loved them and there was practically no current to wash them down stream, although many of the kids struggled to use the oars and go in the direction they wanted!!! LOL!!

It was at this point, when the kids were waiting their turn to ride in the boats, that we started to stir up the wildlife. One lot of children in the boats had gotten stuck near the river bank. Mark walked along a submerged log (yes, I know, "idiot!") to push them further toward the middle of the waterhole. A lizard had jumped into the river to get away from the kids. We were all so jumpy at this point, everyone was yelling out, "SNAKE!!"

Sorry. False alarm. Moving on. However, that log Mark was walking along, suddenly produced bubbles... Now it could have been some air being released from the pressure of him walking on it, or it could have been the snake that surfaced, about 1m away from Tahlia.

NOT a false alarm! KIDS!!!! Get out of the water NOW!!! But even as the snake got to the other side of the creek, we realised most of the kids were far enough away from harm anyway. Like I said, we were jumpy! LOL!! Still, we weren't taking chances.

It was time to go and pack up. But before we even got out of the water, we saw a second snake swim across the creek. Yes. It was definitely time to pack up and head home...

Now I don't want to put anyone off camping. Please Sheree, go and buy that tent and take the kids exploring. We really love it. Even with the wildlife thrown in. It is a great experience. Things were just a little bit more visible this time around, and sometimes that is what is needed to show you can't become complacent when out and about..... :)

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Leanne said...

Ahhh the bliss of camping. We go every easter for a week and totally love it. There is nothing better than being without power and the mod cons for a week. The kids get to use their imagination for a change


Sheree said...

LOL..Don't worry Leanne...we'll still be buying that tent. I've gotta say though that I'm all jumpy just reading your post!!! :)

Love those pics and it sounds like everyone had such a great time!

Sheree xx