Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm a finalist!!!...

What an amazing, nail-biting few weeks I've had!! The ScrapBoxx design team challenge has kept me on my toes. But not only that, I've really enjoyed scrapping the challenges and tweaking them for my albums...

Here are my entries so far.

Round 1 - "Sleep" . We had to describe a favourite place. Mine was watching Cameron sleep.

Approx 30 layouts entered and half were cut to go into the next round. 1 wildcard entry.

Journaling: "My favourite place right now, is watching you sleep. At seven weeks you are struggling to settle at night or during the day."

Round 2 - "A &L" . In this Round we had to scrap a photo of ourselves and include the phrase, "When I was little..." My journaling was a little bit whimsical on this layout, remembering what my cousin and I used to play together. Down to 16 entries. Cut by half again. Leaderboard introduced...I am No. 1!!!!

Round 3 - "Today". We needed to use two 4" x 6" photos (my photos were a collage...2 photos printed onto a 4"x6" photo sheet, and still qualified!), a transparency (the black frame) - something I've never used before, NO flowers what-so-ever and a stamping technique (the 2 cream journaling blocks beneath the photos). We also had to finish this sentence. "Today..."

Hidden journaling says: "Today, the 28th September, 2009, your blue eyes shine!" However, this Round held some controversy! Some participants bent the rules or overlooked something, in the pressure of achieving something magical for the competition. Graciously, no one was eliminated and Round 3 started again... Leaderboard - No. 2 with 0.01 points between 1st and 2nd! Can you see my fingernail chewing dilemma? hee hee...

Round 3b - "Inspire". Basically, what you see on this layout is exactly what ingredients were required, except for the butterfly. I had to throw that in since I've used a butterfly on every layout entered so far... :) We needed at least seven buttons, three wallet sized photos, stitching and use the phrase "This inspires me..." We also had to demonstrate a masking technique (my title - second time using this. 1st time on my lo for Round 1!).

So now we are down to the wire... Five of us remain in the competition. Four incredibly talented and widely published ladies. And then there's me! I am overwhelmed and thrilled all at the same time. I am genuinely surprised to be here but so very glad I am! Bring on the finals!! And best of luck to all those involved. xx


Anonymous said...

Great news. Congratulations on being a finalist. You have done so well. I just love Cameron's blue eyes. All the pics are just beautiful.
Love Mum

Sheree said...

Oh Leanne that's AWESOME!!!! I'm crossing my fingers for you... I just know you'll do a fabulous job in the final round!!! Can't wait to find out how you go!!!!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Leanne. You have done a great job. I really like the one "When I was little".
Good luck in the finals.


Christine said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you Leanne, you have done such an amazing job in this comp, all your layouts have been absolutely gorgeous! I love the butterflies on them all too. Good luck sweetie!

Lorraine said...

Wow, Leanne. It's no wonder you're a finalist with work like this. I love all of your layouts and I think your work is fab! xx

lusi said...

All the best for it mate - I ADORE your work; you are so talented in expressing and capturing special moments in time.
Love to you always,
Lus x